Problem with solax-php upload

I used solax-php to record via api several months. Since 4.1.2021 I don’t see any data but solax-php script works normally, it doesn’t write any errors when loading. Can I see any log somewhere on the pvoutput website why the sent values ​​are not displayed?

I was sending data from three inverters: lubina_3_3 lubina_3_9 lubina_6_1

All data stopped appearing on one specific day. Have any changes or new input checks been made here 4.1.2021?

No changes have been made around that date that would affect the upload.

If sending cumulative data (c1=1) check that it is valid between uploads as there is no validation at this point for cumulative data.


Is there any output from the script at all? Unfortunately, I don’t have access to a Solax inverter anymore (I wrote the original script). I can test with historical data (–date parameter to import.php) and that seems to be working.

I looked at the records and I have them in the postgre database, so import.php works. Push_pvoutput.php finds several records and exits without error, so it sent them to

A few days ago, I ran the node-red scripts, which are here: Solax X1 Hybrid 5Kw Direct data upload to PVOutput
And again, no result, even if the script runs without error.

I think something is blocking loading on I send data through two different scripts and I don’t see anything on site.

Hi. I am still using the node-red scripts without a problem, If you get no errors then I guess that you are getting “OK 200: Added Status” from the debug node a few seconds after the request is made.

I got no errors or status. From the debud node : 1. 2. 2021, 22:06:32node: 1bcde884.077207msg.payload : Object
d: “20210201”
t: “22:06”
v1: 14600
v2: 0
v4: undefined
v5: undefined
sid: 79165
key: “a3fde40c3e1d…”

Just to be sure do you get the OK 200: Added Status from node red, See picture below

Thanks for the picture and your help. I had it downloaded from the link under your youtube video and it was different. I already have the correct status.

This first entry after a month appeared on So I’ll start using Node-Red instead of solax-php. I still have to find out how to change three different Wifi networks in Node-Red to read data from three different inverters.

So what was wrong ?, how did you get it to work ?. I am interested in why you have so many inverters.
Which values are you uploading to pvoutput is it v1 and v2.
You can also get the inverter output by using a CT clamp round the inverter output cable but it only gives the correct reading if you are not force charging a battery, you would need one CT clamp for each inverter
Or you could have a Pi for each inverter.

When I downloaded “PVOutput and Email” from the link below your video, I had it like this:

I have 3 inverters, because the panels were made to me gradually and first gave one single-phase in 2016, two years ago I wanted to enlarge, so they added two single-phase and last year I finished one three-phase next to the house on the shed.

I don’t have CT clamps, I’m just reading the data on the production of the panels.

Yes I see that I have uploaded it incorrectly, thank you for noticing this. I have now changed it. Very sorry about that
CT clamp connected connected to a PZEM-004 and Sonoff will measure the power generated, not as accurate as the inverter output. Reading can be fed into node red and uploaded as v2 but that is all, pvoutput then calculates v1
I am sure you will find a way to do it