Problem with Seasonal TOU tariff


I have my Seasonl TOU tariff setup and had not been seeing any issue until I checked today and found that my Live graph was shoing a “Peak” period background shading even though I don’t currently have a Peak period defined in my active tariff.

I’ve checked and double-checked and I’m still not certain I haven’t missed something. But if it is all setup correctly, then there is a bug.

My live graph page -
…and here is a screenshot where you can see that a Peak period started at 2pm (which ‘used’ to be the case on my previous tariff before I enabled the Seasonal TOU tariffs about 5-6 weeks ago):

My Manage Plans showing that my ‘Ausgrid/PS Other (Spring)’ is the active tariff:


and the tariff itself with only a Shoulder tariff defined (and Off peak at all other times):

Appreciate the help!


See step (6) in Tariff Plans - Multiple TOU

Use Tariff Plans setting on the system main settings should be Enabled.


Also, hovering the mouse over the daily balance will show which plan is being used for the current day.


If no plan name is shown then plans are inactive or no plan could be selected.



Thanks @bankstownbloke, I had a feeling it was something simple I missed!