Per inverter Solaredge auto uploader

For sites using more than 1 SE inverter, it seems that PVOutput SE auto uploader handles per site data.
However, the SE API supports per inverter data (Inverter Technical Data at 5 min interval).
An implementation of the auto uploader (per inverter) could assume site level data if no Inverter Serial Number is provided.

Its possible, but we may quickly run into SolarEdge API request limits with many inverters on the same SolarEdge API key.

Well, thats true. Assuming max daylight ~19h then the limit could be max 4 inverters per API key at 15 minutes interval. Alternatively, max no of inverters per API key (4-5-6) could be set based on the max daylight at the coordinates of the system.

This would also help 3-phase setups where multiple single phase inverters are in play. Graphing voltage across each phase is super useful when battling voltage rise issues.

The ability to nominate any number of SolarEdge inverter serials to extract data from is now available -


Previous behaviour would query the SolarEdge site for all inverter serials. The API Key and Site Id can also be tested using the GET button, this will attempt to download the inverter serial list.

It is possible to assign each inverter serial to its own child system and combine them all using Data Aggregation to a parent system.

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