No data from SolarEdge

First question:
Just recently decomissioned my old PV-installation and added a new SolarEdge installation. Problem is that pvoutput doesn´t seem to fetch any data from SolarEdge API: ‘No output recorded’.
Here´s my settings in Auto uploader section:

SystemID must be the ID stated in SolarEdge dashboard i guess and the API-key is recieved from installer of the system.
Second question:
As i mentioned; i put my old system in decomissioned state. Is there any way to retrieve my old outputs from the decomissioned system?
Thanks in advance!

The key doesn’t match the site id, click on the “GET” link next to Inverter Serials to test the key/site. The page should display a list of inverters.

The system state may be changed back active via the account “Settings”.

Thank you for the answers!

I´ve probably got the wrong API-key from the installer, site ID is retrieved from the dashboard as i mentioned. If i try the URL i will receive ‘Invalid token’. The ‘GET’ link you mention is nowhere to find…?

Its next to the Inverter Serials input, see screenshot below -

Thanks for the hint about Get link! Pressing Get doesn´t give me any list of inverters, just a blank page so my API-key is most probably wrong.

Best to use the Admin panel for Solaredge Monitoring app and obtain the Site ID and API key. Once you load these into the PVOutput settings screen, just click on the Test next to API key to check you receive the correct details of the Solaredge inverter system in the downloaded CSV file.