Missing generation data for SolarEdge over last 2 days

https://pvoutput.org/intraday.jsp?id=70649&sid=76690 is my setup.

You can see after 12:15 the generation data is zero. I used the SE API to query the inverter data directly


and it shows non-zero values for “totalActivePower” (across the three inverters) later than 12:15. I had a similar problem of missing generation data yesterday and I resaved my “output configuration” and that seemed to make the generation data appear.

Just an update, repeating yesterdays tactic of re-saving my output config partially filled the missing generation data.

This is happening again. Today generation data stopped appearing at 13:50. If I look at the solaredge monitoring portal I see the data.

Also something else strange is going on. Historically, consumption data does not reflect house loads that are powered by the PW battery. Tonight my consumption data from 18:55 onward does show consumption from the battery. I don’t quite understand why the change in behaviour.

It seems we are getting HTTP Status 429 – Too Many Requests errors from SolarEdge API on the equipment list request to list inverter serial numbers.

Interestingly this error isn’t returned for equipment data query from each inverter and site/powerDetails used for consumption is working okay.

This explains why inverter data stopped since it is blocked on listing inverters.

As a workaround we will look into adding the ability to enter inverter serials numbers in the config which will bypass the equipment list request to SolarEdge.

This should also address the following idea as well - Per inverter Solaredge auto uploader

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Sounds great @bankstownbloke. I can see this morning things have caught up and the power used numbers around 19:00 are now corrected. Thanks mate for your reply.

Thanks for the update - inverter serials now supported if you do run into issues again.

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@bankstownbloke I set up the per inverter configuration about a week ago. Today I have seen generation data stop appearing from 13:00 today (https://pvoutput.org/intraday.jsp?id=70649&sid=76690&dt=20201118). Just wanted to let you know in case this was rate limiting again.

Today, and also last Saturday, it seems (I noticed) that the solaredge server had issues i.e. even their data appeared late in the afternoon (probably that’s why they have scheduled a maintenance in a few days). So I don’t expect that is is a pvoutput issue.

It does look like a rate limit issue, SolarEdge responds “HTTP Status 429 – Too Many Requests”.

This time it is on the inverter query, so unfortunately the number of inverters seems to be an issue here.

One way to reduce / avoid this is to increase the Poll Interval setting to >= 15 minutes


Data will still be shown in 5-minute intervals but updates are slowed down to every 30 minutes.