One array with panels facing E, S, and W


I was exploring how to add my system to the site and have a question. I have 11 E facing, 11 W facing, and 8 S facing panels with two inverters. I only see an option to add a secondary array, but not a tertiary. How do I set up my system properly on the site? If I set them up at multiple sites based on what panels are on each inverter, is there a way to see total output of both sites in a single view?


Hi yes you can do this ,see under HELP section—Data Aggeration—Parent–Child systems,Jim

You’ll probably want to be able to track and do stats on the two inverter separately, a well as combined, so look at
Set up two ‘child’ systems, one for each inverter - and each of these could have a primary and secondary panel array for insolation modelling.
Then you set up a third system as ‘Parent’ to aggregate the stats from each child together.

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Ah, I thought that would help me too but not quite. I also have a 3 aspect facing setup but on only one inverter (and one string) using optimisers. I kind of faked it in my setup by saying it was a one array using some weighted azimuth based on how many panels I have facing each way. I end up with a production that is more spread out during the day than the insulation line but overall it’s it that bad. I guess there wouldn’t be too many weird setups like mine to justify the interface change to support that case?

At least one :slight_smile: - thats almost exactly my situation - 3 directions, on 2 strings, into one inverter, right down to combining the two directions with the smallest number of panels into a single aggregate with a ‘blended’ azimuth for the secondary array. It works fine, at the end of the day its the combined number thats important - and my synthesised azimuth must be close to right, as the calculated ‘insolation curve’ is fairly spot-on to the actuals.

I have a SolarEdge setup with 2 orientations, but on each orientation 2 elevations.

8x panel North/East 10 elevation (flat roof on 2e floor)
8x panel North/East 12.5 elevation (flat roof on 3e floor)
8x Panel South/West 12.5 elevation (flat roof on 3e floor)
8x Panel South/West 60 elevation (slanted roof on 2e to 3e floor)

The 8 panels on North/east 10 elevation in shadow of the house in the (morning depending on season)
The 8 panels on south/west 60 elevation in shadow of the neighbor house (afternoon depending of the season)

I have now 2 arrays in pvoutput.

  1. Is east/west with the 2x 8 panels in 12.5 elevation
  2. The south/west 60 elevation.

But now i have updated the North/east 10 elevation panels and i cannot add a 3rd array.

I could make the 2nd array again east/west. It are 350 watt panels on the 60 degrees south/west roof and 325 watt panels on the new north/east 10 degrees elevation.

If i want to setup east/west middle that out somewhat it would be like 30 degrees, but the calculation would be wrong.

Is a 3rd array an option ? Is is all in one string…

The limit is 2 at the moment.

yes its possible to have 3,4,or 6 or 7 arrays, please see this post,— [

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Hi yes you can do this ,see under HELP section—Data Aggeration—Parent–Child systems,Jim

Old topic … but yes it would be gread to add 3,4,… arrays option…