No Grid Alert / Voltage Alert

Hi folks, I am relatively new to PVOUTPUT. I am using a hybrid inverter with batteries and the data is being uploaded to the website perfectly. I want to create an alert when the grid goes down so that load can be reduced to get maximum backup/time from the batteries. Can anyone please help me with this?? Will highly appreciate it.

Hi @saif081 welcome to PVO.

You should be able to create an ‘Extended Data Alert’ to send an alert to you.

You will need to log something to PVO such as grid voltage or grid frequency or whatever FLAG or VALUE your specific inverter can supply to indicate that the GRID has failed.

So hypothetically if GRID_VOLTAGE < 240VAC ( I’m in Australia ) an alert could be sent - assuming of course your inverter is still connected to the Internet via your router after the grid failure.

My Fronius inverter can supply a value for its GRID VOLTAGE which in theory would drop to zero ( O ). Except of course my inverter will switch off completely.

What make / model inverter do you have?



Hi @grannos thanks for your reply.

I am using Infini V 5KW inverter from the company Voltronic Power and the software I am using to upload data to PVOUTPUT is ICC. I have dug a little bit into the extended data myself and I am really fascinated by the amount of data which was there and I never saw it before.

Yes the inverter is connected to PVOUTPUT after the grid fails as the router is working of the inverter (using the batteries) then.

The grid voltage is being logged to the portal. However the alerts that I can set in the settings are for idle system, high output, low usage, high net usage, low net etc. but there is no option for customizing an alert to match my need.


Looks like all your Extended Data points have been used.

Will be looking at adding a voltage alerting function in the future.

Changed topic to an idea.

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Hi I didn’t see the plus signs in front of the extended data fields before. I have set grid voltage as v12 now and have successfully created a low alert for grid voltage at zero volts (using the drop down menu with the plus sign).

However this could have been a lot easier if this alert was available to set up in the general settings. And I’d be able to use v12 for something else then.

Look forward to more goodie good from pvoutput :slight_smile:


High and Low Voltage alerts have been added -



@bankstownbloke excellent. thank you