Newly added extended data questions

Good day collective mind,

I have recently donated and started to set up a couple of extended parameters. I’m wondering if there is a reason my v7 and v8 are populating with nonsense data even without any input from myself? I had started to set up a shell command to push cURL data from my sensors within home assistant but the data was wildly inaccurate compared to my actual data and so i turned it off, and yet i am still getting updates every 15 minutes. Am I missing something?

Essentially I was looking to associate v7 with my outflow meter reading and then make the interval data to be the difference of the previous reading. Similar to v7, v8 would be my actual inflow meter reading and i wish to get the 15 min data to show the difference from the last read. As you can see, my production meter seems to be generating overnight (which is ofcourse incorrect) and also goes into negative values. All this and im not currently injecting any live data…

It seems the configuration has changed since this was posted.

The Extended Parameters may be added / updated via the following methods -

  1. Data was sent by setting data to the v7 to v12 via ‘Add Status’ API
  2. The ‘Calculated as’ option has been selected in the config.
  3. Parameter set via ‘Extended Data’ rule
  4. Parameter set via one of the ‘Auto Uploading’ device.

For (1) is it best to review what data is being set by the curl command.

EDIT: As per

The parameter was already populated by a weather device (4).

Good morning @bankstownbloke thank you for taking the time to respond here. I did end up figuring out that i had set the weather entity to report humidity on v7 at some point in the past and that was taking precedence over my newly added production meter value via cURL. I since stopped the weather entity sending data to my extended values and now i am seeing my intended extended data values populating correctly.

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