My Octopus Agile &Go Tariff analysis website


Yep, sounds a plan.

The beauty of having options is choosing the one that bests suits you and your circumstances.

For me, i’m exporting waaaaay more than 50%… its closer to 75% as I have no battery or EV yet.

But what about this for a plan with your Powerwall?
Fill your battery up with free solar and then sell some of it back between 4pm and 6pm at 11p per unit. :wink:


The Agile tariff is now over 18 months old and I was looking back and the history of the pricing yesterday. Geek that I am!! :rofl:

So, what’s driving the price down?

  • More renewables? ie 24hr wind contribution? and more Solar?
  • Overall downward trend in wholesale pricing? (driven by low gas prices?)
  • Octopus getting a better handle on pricing versus demand versus profitability?

Or a combination of everything? :smiley: