Missing extended weather. Openweathermap

Hello all.

I have recently just set this up and I have added weather to extended data while it works it seems to miss a lot of reading. I am using openweathermap and I am not sure how to fix it.

And because it misses it it leaves lines all over the place when looking at the trend.

If you have any ideas how to fix this would love to hear it.

Temp 2

This has been brought up a few of times over the last couple of years. See the discussion link below, showing the workaround to fix the graph. Wasn’t quite what I was looking for for my specific question, but it does make the graph look complete.

Thanks. I did do a search but must have missed it.

This fixed up the graph like you say. Would be nice to fix the actual issue though.

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A potential fix would be to use historic temperature call which provides temperature for a requested date/time (current time), rather than asking for the current temperature which often returns stale date/time/temp.

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This issue has been addressed with the following update -

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Thanks @bankstownbloke, followed the instructions this afternoon, and it reports perfectly now with no gaps.

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