OpenWeatherMap 'Location' replaces City Id

OpenWeatherMap City Id has been replaced with a latitude/longitude ‘Location’ config.

This change will address the gaps in the 5-minute data when using City Id.

Existing City Ids will continue to work until the system is edited. A City Id link is provided which will convert the City Id with its lat/lng location.


The ‘Retrieve’ button will update the location with the system’s pinned location, postcode/zipcode or country location in that order.

Click on TEST next to the API Key to get a sample of the data for the location.

Hi BankstownBloke,
I have just signed up to OpenWeather and gained API access, however it seems the API request that PVOutput is sending is no longer functioning on their end and replies with an error. I made contact with their tech support and was advised :

“One Call 1.0 is deprecated for all new free and startup users. We recommend using One Call 3.0 as a modern and updated version. But if you still need access to One Call 1.0, I can transfer your case to the sales department, where they can advise and offer you a developer plan where this API is available.”

Is there any chance the request could be updated at this end to match their formatting please? It is as follows :{API Key}

Thank you.

The test URL is using the following request -<your_api_key>

This API (2.5) seems to have been rebranded under “Professional collections” and there is still a free plan - Pricing - OpenWeatherMap

Thanks Bankstown Bloke. I’ll give it a go.

Sorry for the necroposting but this no longer works. I registered for a new account and created an API but Temperature doesn’t get uploaded. Test results in an API invalid error. I’ve deleted and created new APIs and waited over a day with the same result.

Can you confirm that your API key works with the following browser address? -

I can confirm that this functionality does not work.
Using the API key results in a 401 when clicking the Test button, but when opening the URL in a browser a normal JSON output is received.
This is the URL I am using:

Please note that I am using the latitude and longitude (as one would expect). There is no City ID anymore.

I am hoping that new users like myself can find a simple solution to this same issue. I guess there is no longer a free option.