Madness after midnight

Since 30/6/21 Pvoutput had added ~6000kwh to energy at 12:05 then increments correctly after that. The power readings are OK . As I see others have experienced something similiar I suspect a server problem. How can this be fixed?
Rob Shorrock

I experience the same issue.

The issue is with clients that upload kWh meter readings, flag it as “Cumulative” (and let calculate the actual differences from the last upload). Time zone setting is: UTC+1:00

00:00 is OK
00:05 is wrong: consumption is not differences, but taking the meter reading as consumption.

This issue is identical to Energy used suddenly based on total usage

This was bug that affected systems sending both consumption and generation cumulative values. Only the generation cumulative was recorded.

Apologies, this has now been fixed.

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Thanks for the quick fix