Energy used suddenly based on total usage


I’m logging to PVOutput since last saturday usng Domotic and this script and everything was working fine; I can see generated/exported/imported/saved just as expected.

Since this day however, the ‘Energy Used’ column started at 0 as usual but the next upload at 00:05 shows the total usage from the smart meter and not the daily usage any more.

The script or my PVOutput settings haven’t changed, any idea on how this can happen?

My outputs: Palermo aan de Maas 10.050kW

I am experiencing similar, but not quite the same as I am using cumulative energy for v3.

For me, today’s (2021/06/30) energy used column is shown all zeros despite my logs show OK 200: Added Status and scripts are unchanged compared to yesterday (and the past year). @bankstownbloke, can you please check?
grumpson 9.472kW (

v1 is handled properly, v3 seem logged but shown 0, it is monotonic, so there is no large value at midnight that would mask later energy values:

[…] sunrise:

UPDATE: now I tried deleting live data for 2021/06/30 and re-uploaded based on local logs, no change to above behavior

It seems that in my case the cumulative flag is not working correctly althought it’s being used in the http request:
PVOutput: OpenURL: post data = d=20210630&t=15:50&v1=267347.0&v2=828.2&v3=138123&v4=204&v5=15.9&v6=230.03333028158&c1=1

" Cumulative Energy

The following values are valid for the c1 flag.

  • 1 - Both v1 and v3 values are lifetime energy values. Consumption and generation energy is reset to 0 at the start of the day.
  • 2 - Only v1 generation is a lifetime energy value.
  • 3 - Only v3 consumption is a lifetime energy value."

Strange thing is that at the start of the day the value was set to 0 but next upload the total energy was used again.

I now notice the voltage (v6) uses a lot of decimals and cut it down to 1 decimal but it was working fine for a few days.


Found this thread: Cumulative Energy Consumed - Stuck - #2 by n7qnm which is pretty much the same. Removed v3 entirely form the addstatus request and up until 8:10AM is recalculated correctly. 8:10AM till now is still of but maybe this will correct itself.

I have the same problem on my 2 accounts: Vogelvink 5.130kW and Schapenhuis 2.730kW.
Starting on 30/6 the “energy used” fields on 0.00 hrs started with a count of 0.000 kWh, the fields were on 0.10 hrs filled with (for me unexplainable) big numbers: 5.266.537 kWh and 4.174.691 kWh respectively.
During 30/6 the “energy used” field on Vogelvink decreased with 6670 kWh, in Schapenhuis the count increased with 374 kWh. At the cutoff to 1/7 just now - on both accounts - the counters started with 0.000 kWh, and at 0.10 hrs the fields were again filled with the end number of the previous day ???
For both accounts I use a seperate Youless device to upload the PV generation and smart meter output. Those devices have functioned very stable for more than a year.
I retrieved the uploaded data (minute to minute) from the Vogelvink Youless at 1/7 0.30 hrs and they look perfectly normal.
I’m very curious if the algoritms at PVO have changed in the last few days.
This is a real mystery to me.

Same cumulative not treated as cumulative problem at 00:05 over here in timezone GMT+1:00, since 30.06.2021.

The upload script posts d, t, v1, v3, v6 and c1=1

I have the same problem on my 2 accounts: 1000watt 9.520kW and Testopstelling Jan 2.800kW.
Starting on 30/6 the, no upload’s on v1.
Today 1 Juli Jan 2.800 is Ok but 1000watt is still blanc

Should be fixed now.


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Thanks @bankstownbloke, I can confirm it resumed interpreting uploaded data correctly. All is left to re-upload 6/30 and 7/1 data so start of the day values are correct.

Thanks @bankstownbloke, everything is back to normal. Been able to recontruct correct data with the Youless data for Vogelvink.
Schapenhuis will have to wait until I can retrieve Youless data (180 km away).

All the affected sites have been identified and we’re running some scripts to repair the damaged consumption data on the 30th June and 1st July.

Should be complete by the 4th July.

I uploaded some backed data (6/6/21 - 6/23/21), all of my data looks screwy.

Note the system is on a Gross Import and Export. This means consumption = import and generation = export.

Could you please explain your reply in a bit more detail? I am not completely familiar with all the settings on the site.
Thank you

could you please help me with a screenshot or directions on how to change/fix this?

Edit tariffs -

and change import/export model from Gross to Net -