Live page view behaving strangely for the last 2 days


So it works fine the first time you navigate to it:

but when the live page auto-updates, gaps in the temperature data and graphing appear:

Is anyone else seeing this issue?

My system is:


Try switching on No Graph Gaps option -


Cheers, I’ll see how that goes - did something change recently?


I saw this behavior also. So far, I just refresh the page manually.


This doesnt make any real difference for me. As noted by topcat, refreshing the page manually fixes it.


The change is that temperature gaps will no longer be filled in for auto refreshes unless the No Graph Gaps settings has been enabled.


Which I enabled And I still get the auto Refresh gaps appearing


So, let me see if I understand: The weather data is only taken when I see the info ? Is not taken from WeatherMap every 5 mins, as I set the upload fequency ?


Good question, I’m using weather underground and also have the frequency set to 5 mins.

This was never an issue until very recently.


Temperature is recorded every 5-minutes, however the service may not be available / reports an error so nothing is recorded.


This has been reverted back to the old behaviour of filling in the gaps automatically on refresh.


and so far so good, things have returned to normal for me.