Integration with a SOFAR inverter

Has anyone been able to integrate PV output with a SOFAR Inverter?
The sofar runs with Solarman but I prefer PV output.


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Witam też mam inwerter sofar 4,4KTL-x bez modułu wifi szukam wiadomości na ten temat. Pozdrawiam!!

My family has this inverter too (3300TL or 3,3KTL - strange they use 2 names). I would live to have it here instead of SOLARMAN, but there is no way, obviously.

@olszyny19 - mozesz sobie zrobic logger na arduino, i tanim podliczniku energii za 20 zl.

Hello, i just found out solarman has an open API on their new platform. I’m not sure if the repo from github posted here is using the same API, can anyone confirm?

I posted a idea to help intergrate with pvoutput.orgSolarman has an API | Sofar Solar