Improvements to live system graphing

A few updates to the live graphing that have been through QA and now ‘live’ -

  1. Soft refresh for daily rollovers - The live page is no longer completely refreshed and will only update the graph, table and dashboard when the next day’s data becomes available. This will retain current graph settings and saves on a bit of bandwidth as well.

  2. Standby line improvements - The standby line will only be displayed on the ‘Consumption Only’ view. The dashed standby line is now updated on auto-refreshes, the standby power and cost is also displayed. Zooming on the graph will update the standby amount and cost over the zoomed period.


  1. Net production graph alignment - The energy and power are now aligned at 0W and 0Wh

Any issues with the above may be discussed here.


Hi BB my average power line is now missing after this update,thanks Jim

The average line is only displayed the ‘Generation Only’ view now.