Live Page - Base Load indication

I am sure Base Load figure and the dashed red line on the graph, used to be on my Live Page, but they aren’t any more. They are still described in the Help pages.

Anyone know why I can’t see them?

See point (2) in the following post -

Thank you, I can now see my Standby Power line and figure.

What does the value (one from the right) now show?

The hover bubble states “Current power consumption”, but I cannot seem to relate the value to anything on the graph?

Should be the same as the most recent power consumption value on your chart or table.

Ok, thanks. In my case it is the value at 23:55 on the day you are viewing.

Unfortunately moving the Standby Power value onto the graph line has lost the information of the ‘time’ of the minimum consumption. This used to be available, when it was shown as a figure under the table, by hovering over it.

I can’t see any easy way, with the new layout, of easily getting the time of minimum consumption.