How To Use/Save Tariff Plans?


New user here and I’m currently on a pretty fat FIT before changing metering/plan at the end of the month and wanted to be able to save the data I have imported so far for the current date range and start a new set of tariffs for the new billing amount.

I note there seems to be the functionality there to do this however it’s greyed out and clicking import plan, trying to name the existing plan or save it does nothing - is this functionality only available for donators or am I missing something obvious?

If it’s donator only is the functionality it suitable to do what I’m after? Keep present data with present tariffs and have new data recorded with new different tariffs?

Thanks fellas (and ladies).

Tariff plans are only available to donators.

Oh man, I don’t know how I missed that on the help page - read everything above that line but somehow skimmed over it.