How much rooftop solar power can you install? – a state by state guide



This article is, as far as NSW is concerned, utter shite.

Check out my thread at: Max grid connection in NSW is at least 10kW

10kW per phase (that is, either 10kW of inverters on a single phase, or 30kW on 3 phase) is trivial in NSW.


Thx Fusion there’s a lot of dodgy installers out there telling people they need 3 phase for a 10kw pv when they only need 1 phase.

I must have contacted 20 different installers all tell me the same thing you need 3 phase for a 10kw setup.


Yeah, it’s weird. 10kW per phase has been available for a couple of years now, so you’d think that the installers would know this and push for extra sales & greater profit. These days I reckon at least 40% of people would go for bigger systems, especially given the prices! Easy conversion for substantially bigger return for the seller.

Anyways, give Captain Green a call. They did a really good installation with quality PV panels and reasonable inverters.

And check out The Beast (13.2kW of panels on 10kW of inverters (2x5kW) on a single phase house) to see the result.


The article looks to be correct for Energex areas (i.e. south-east Queensland) as they are subject to the following limits

Single phase inverters, are acceptable up to and including 10kVA of installed capacity on a
customer’s installation, however total export shall be limited to 5kVA or less via partial or minimal
export operation, as per Section 5.9.1.

For premises with a multiphase connection to the network, the grid-connected inverter(s) shall be
configured to ensure the difference in power generated into any two phases does not exceed 5kVA
per phase in normal operation.

Which is a touch annoying given that other parts of the grid seem to accept higher output on a single phase. I could upgrade to three-phase but the upgrade costs probably exceed the return in FIT.