Max grid connection in NSW is at least 10kW



Just want to address one common misunderstanding that I see a lot on this site - in NSW 5kW is NOT the maximum which can be attached to the grid on single phase.

It is in fact quite trivial to obtain approval for 10kW on a single phase (30kW on 3-phase).

I know this as I just helped a mate set up exactly that. 13.2kW of Jinko Black PV, & 2 x Zeversolar Zeverlution 5,000s, all feeding a single phase 100A service. No limiting device required.

And all this for less than $8k from Captain Green who did a great job!

If you want to verify, check out page

The guide for NECF05 specifically states:

We are currently improving our forms for connecting micro embedded generation. While this is progressing, please submit the NECF05 form for systems up to 10 kilowatts per phase or compliant systems under 30 kilowatts. Please refer to NS194A for more information on eligible systems.

And in the reference document NS194A. This states specifically:

Ausgrid will approve the low voltage connection of an IES to a premises connection point provided that the total rated inverter nameplate rating is no greater than 10kVA (@230v). This requirement is also applicable if there is an existing multiphase supply to the premises.



Not sure that this applies throughout all of NSW. Endeavor, as an example allows 5kW single phase or 30kW 3 phase from what I can see as per :-

Qualifying customers can apply to connect a small scale renewable energy generation system to our network by submitting an appropriate application form:

  1. If you are applying for the connection of a new or upgraded micro solar generator with a total output capacity of no greater than 5kW single phase (230v) or 30kW three phase (400v) to a premise with an existing supply of electricity from our network you may use our on-line application, by clicking here.

We allow connection of up 8kW total panels to a 5kW inverter or up to 40kW total panels to a 30kW inverter.

2.If you are applying for the connection of any other generation system other than the type described above, apply using this form:

Application for Connection of a Generator

The terms and conditions applying to connection of a micro embedded generator to our network are set out in our model standing offer for a micro embedded generator basic connection service.

All applications resulting in the connection of an upgraded or new generation will result in a basic offer fee being charged via your Level 2 ASP upon connection.


I’ve got 8.375kw (6.75kW worth of micro inverters) but on 3-phase, in an Endeavour area.


It’s definitely do-able on Ausgrid (as noted above, I’ve done it), and it also looks do-able on Endeavor – in your last reference (Terms & Conditions link), in Definitions, we see that:

“Micro Embedded Generator Basic Connection” means an existing connection
between Endeavour Energy’s Distribution System and the Customer’s premises at
the Site at low voltage, where … (b) an approved Micro Embedded Generator up to 10kW single phase or 30kW three phase installed at the Site is to be connected to Endeavour Energy’s Distribution System;

So, whilst you can’t use the online form to apply (as 10kW is more than the 5kW cutoff) – it appears that you simply fill in the two-pager (“2. If you are applying … using this form: Application for Connection of a Generator”) and you’re done…


@#$% typical, I read (skimmed) through a fair bit of that article but no sign of any values before I gave up. Oh well glad you’ve taken on being my personal proof reader :slight_smile:


Oh, and to round off the NSW discussion, Essential Energy also allows for larger than 5kW (urban) and less-than-or-equal to 30 kW (presumably 10kW single phase or per-phase) with “no augmentation to the LV network” on a Basic Connection Offer Contract – though “Will require technical enquiries and/or Contestable Works review before approval”. Basically, this means filling in an extra form & hoping that you’ve got reasonably standard network conditions at your location.

This is the same contract as for a smaller PV system.

Should be pretty standard for 90% of connection applications.

Check out Connecting to the Network Information Pack - page 4, item 4.

Amusingly, and only if you really really wanted, all three distributors allow for significantly larger systems as well… however this might cost you a little more… :joy:

Hope that helps!


If you’re interested, check out The Beast.

We calculate breakeven to be around 3 years on AGL’s 20c FIT: AGL Solar Savers.