History Compare By All/Some Years of Specific N Month Periods of Each Years Production

Hello BB. Its been a while. Is there a feature that currently allows me to i.e.
1-I Use Customize, Detailed Generattion and enter for say March 20th thru October 31st
2-But instead of just showing us only that one period, show us current year and all past historical years of same period net generation that I am selecting. Today I think you support comparing the full year comparison and by month.
3-And so show the net production side by side bar of years similar to full year but only for that specific period. And if possible for the years months side by side similar but only for the target priod.
The reason I ask is today I know where my main production net is in a given year consistently of say i.e. March to October and I would like to know and compare from year to year and across past history of years how that specific period only compares and so need to define the given SPECIFIC time period to compare across all years including current.
So today for 2023 I use customize, detailed, generation and enter in the dates from March 2023 thru current date 2023 and then do the same for each past of each years in a separate browser tab to see how my production is for the i.e. current year and same periods across past years of interest.
It would be nice to be able to enter generic Month/Day start and end dates, show me the total production bars for each of the historical years of the past for that period.
I think I can do the full year comparison today but that does not accurately reflect the idea of to date net production I have produced going into my winter that will of course be used up.
So is there already some way to do this that I am missing?
If not would you entertain adding such a query feature to allow us to enter in specific MM/DD start end and show bar chart of net prodouction across years and I would presume within years the months for that period likewise?
Hope that all made sense. If this feature for specific period already exists across all historical years can you kindly guide me on how to query this way.

This type comparison is currently not possible but could be added in the future as useful way of comparing energy bills

We can do the following -

  • Allowing a custom period to be entered for comparison with previous years as per your suggested and/or
  • Use the billing cycle feature (https://forum.pvoutput.org/t/billing-cycles/2364) that compares the same billing periods from previous years.

I think point 1 applied to the Yearly View for a specific set of from/to MM-DD range settings for “Allowing a custom period to be entered for comparison with previous years as per your suggested and/or” is better. I tried the Billing one you suggested and not quite what I was thinking.
The full year view set of history would nicely show better all year comparison quickly for the specific period that would vary by person location needs of which I sampled i.e. 2021-03-23 thru 2021-11-22 dates to see NET production. My typical net period of interest is March thru part of Nov. So setting customized MM-DD range of i.e. 03-22 to 11-22 range and applying it to the existing YEARLY history view would be fantastic to see that slice of each year side by side. Here is my customer 1 year default view: IMANsNYPower4MyVOLTmaxInverter 8.100kW | Yearly
Viewing this default Yearly existing view does not relfect the NET accuragtely for what I want to compare across the years because you take into account the consumption, etc.
IMANsNYPower4MyVOLTmaxInverter 8.100kW | Yearly

So yes if you can put on the To Do List. Thanks