Help with fronius push upload filename


I’m having trouble getting the upload filename to push anything other than the “Energy Generated” and “Average Power”.

I have a Fronius SmartMeter installed so I should have the consumtion data available but I cant figure out what parameters should be added. I’d also like the voltage added too.

I have tried a few including


but no other plots appear on the PvOutput live graph.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Eventually gave up and wrote a php script to do the work from a local server. Works well now.


Two push configurations is required, one for the Inverter for generation and another for the smart meter.


bankstownbloke, thanks for the info. I should have thought of that myself.

I have now added the following into my push services

SolarAPI v1 – CurrentData – Inverter

SolarAPI v1 – CurrentData – Meter

I’ll let it run for a day or 2 and see if it collects more reasonable values than my scripts.


The option auto=1 is recommended over n=1


Ok. I’ll try the auto=1 tonight. The n=1 has some odd readings I get a few entries of 0 power (from the meter URL) used which I know to be incorrect… Even looking at the JSON results from the inverter for

comes up short in the [DAY_ENERGY] value. It starts off following the fronius app pretty well, but as the day goes on it gets further away. Its about 5kwh out by the end of the day. I’m guessing it’s showing exported energy and not generated energy.


You probably have a buggy Fronius firmware -


Yes, I’m completely convinced you’re correct and I have buggy firmware. Yesterday I changed my scripts so they compute daily energy (consumed and generated) from the API’s total values and my results today look perfect for the 1st time. As the scripts look to be behaving I’m going to let them run.

Thanks your your help. And keep up the great work. This site is great !


Just push the raw total (lifetime) values and set c1=1. No need to worry about clock synchronization then,