Generated Energy in PVOutput zeroes on Daily page while correct on Live page


Since yesterday (14/3/2018), my “Generated” energy for my Daily page is showing only 0 for the whole day, but when i click on the actual day (14/3/2018 or 15/3/2018) to view the “Live Production” data, all my energy data shows properly. This is happening for both of the systems under my account (two different locations).

My SolarEdge pages are showing proper generation. This looks like it is PVO related since the Live Production shows the correct information. It also seems that it is specifically related to my account since others in my team are showing properly.

Has anyone else been experiencing this?


On another thread someone else has had issues with solar edge. It’s a different problem, but maybe the same cause. Have a look at this Energy value takes a big step


Thanks for that link.

It does seem like a different issue, but the timing makes me wonder if the PVO fix for the other issue may have introduced this new issue. What is strange is that other SolarEdge members on my team are not having this issue, but both systems on my PVO account are. The SolarEdge portal for both systems is reporting correctly, and PVO is definitely getting the API data because it shows in the Live View just fine.


When Bankstown sees this thread he may have a solution.


The issue has been fixed now, thanks for reporting this.

This would only affect Solaredge uploads when combined with an API consumption upload, in this case an Eagle Push upload.

The energy calculation would not be performed on the Solaredge generation if consumption data was already present.

We may have a look are automatically correcting those 3 days with 0W, but can you manually copy the last energy reading from the live data and save it to the daily generation - apologies for the inconvenience.


The 0kWh values on the 14th and 15th have been fixed - no manual updates will be required.


Thank you for fixing this so quickly BB. And you even fixed those two days! Very much appreciated.


Beginning April 7 my 5suns graph is correct, and power values show , but the [cumulative for the day] energy values are zero.


The live page is also showing 0W. Please check the SMA uploading software.


Now on 4/8 my live graph shows cumulative energy that includes the previous day. (i.e. the 4/8 cumulative value starts off with yesterday’s total; not zero.

I am running SBFspot on my linux desktop, and often do have to manually execute either SBFspot or the upload daemon, so that might be contributing to the problem.


Today is looking normal. Will report back if there is problem again.