Fronius Primo Gen24 Plus no longer has a push interface

Hi @grannos , can you also PM the PHP script

Hi @squirrel_41. Done. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hey mate, Could I also get the PHP script. @grannos

Hi @brooksby - done.

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Hi @grannos,
Could I possibly ask for you to send me a copy of the PHP script? I’m a newbie here :smiley:
Thanks mate!

Hi @networkrocky. Done and welcome to PVO.


Hello @grannos
Would you be kind enough to DM me the script too?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @gyola62, Done. Welcome to PVO.


Hi @grannos please can you send the instruction and php file for me too ? thanks in adavance.

Just a little update Fronius has reorganized their site a bit and looks like the documents are now here

You will need to put in name and email details before you can down load them

Hello Grannos, just recently had an additional system installed. First solar system has a Fronius Snapinverter which was very easy to get uploading to pvoutput, but the new Gen24 has that removed, so could you please PM me your script and from there I can hopefully work out how to make it work. Programming knowledge is limited.

just look at: there you can find the ideal script

I’m getting a system next week with a Fronius Primo Gen24 inverter. Have you tried the PHP script from GitHub? Does it work as described in the documentation?

The link I mentioned above (blackpaw) does not work correct! the column Energy Used is wrong!
Has anyone a working php file?

Hi @schusterklaus1.

Did I PM you the GEN24 script? I cannot find it amongst my sent messages. Apologies if I didn’t reply as I was away from home ( and the Internet ) for three weeks. The Blackpaw script was the one I originally relied upon for my Fronius Symo and for getting BOM ( Weather Bureau ) data into PVO. I’ve since completely re-written the script to extract other data from the Symo. The GEN24 was written from the ground up. The Blackpaw script is also the reason that the scripts that I have written are in PHP and not Python - I couldn’t be bothered learning Python and the JSON handling of PHP works very well.


@grannos sorry, I did not receive any script. can you please PM me the script ? Thanks a lot!

Hi @schusterklaus1 once again my profound apologies for the delay. I have PM’d you the script and some instructions should you require them.

Thanks a lot !! It works perfect! The problems with the Energy Used failures are cleared.

Another happy customer :smile:

@grannos Could you please PM me the script too ??