Fronius Primo Gen24 Plus no longer has a push interface

Hi @pvascot. Can do. I am away from home ATM so I will PM you the details when I get back home tomorrow night. A real keyboard and mouse makes it much safer to select and send the relevant info.

Thank you very much!

Hi All,

I’m after some more information about the newer API that’s been created for the GEN24 and can be accessed at http://fronius/components/readable

It looks fairly incomplete at the moment however I was wondering if any of you with a GEN24 could share a ‘collapsed’ copy of the API output. [ As Shown Below ]. I was wondering if the numbers shown are unique to a specific inverter or are common across all GEN24s. The numbers do not appear to be serial numbers [ of major components ]. If the number are inverter specific it will be difficult / impossible to write a generic script that will work with all GEN24s.


G’day grannos,
I’ve been following this thread for a week or two now & been meaning to ask for your script but I’m not sure how to use it yet :frowning:
Anyway…I’ve got the API output from our GEN24 but I don’t know how to view it collapsed. However I’ve checked all of those numbers & they’re the same. :slight_smile:

Hi John,

Thanks for providing the feedback on the GEN24 API output. It’s good to know that the numbers are the same, perhaps they are just placeholder values which were intended to be used by the Fronius developers until something more meaningful was established.

If you want to run the script that I wrote you’ll need some sort of ‘computer’ that can run PHP. PHP is readily available for Windows, Linux and macOS. I use a Raspberry PI for a variety of reasons but mainly because I have a few scripts running 24x7 and it’s cheaper, for me, to run a PI as opposed to anything else.

If you are running a Linux based computer or an Apple computer PHP is generally provided although not necessarily the latest version. If you want to use a Windows based computer you will have to install PHP.

If you decide to give it a go let me know and I will PM you the script and some basic instructions.

Oh I’ll definately give it a go! That would be great yes please. I have a synology nas which I should be able to use since sulzbacher has done so with a Qnap nas.
If you have any pointers for doing so that would be helpful. I’ll do some googling in the meantime :slight_smile:

I can confirm generaljg’s findings. My output has the same numbers but there is an additional one in my setup
This seems to specify the characteristics of my battery

Ah I don’t have any batteries so that makes sense.


Thanks for the additional information about the battery. There should be some interesting information to harvest there.

@generaljg I have P.M.d you the script, such as it is and the instructions on how to get it going.


Thanks Grannos! I’ll see how I go :wink:

Just got my now Fronius and wanted to the same configurations as before and came to the issue described above, that the Datalogger is not available as push service anymore.

@grannos I read you have created an PHP Script? Could you share this with me as well?

Hi @eller82.

I have PM’d the PHP script and instructions to you.

Good luck.

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Hi Grannos
I have recently installed a GEN24 Primo and would like to push data to PVOutput. I too would be grateful if you would PM your script and instructions.


Hi @achar23 I have PM’d you the PHP script and some basic instructions on how to configure it and get it working.

Good luck and welcome to PVO


Hi @grannos , i’m a new member also with a Gen24, can you also PM the PHP script ? :slight_smile:
By the way , i also have the ‘same numbers’ in the new API http://fronius_IP/components/readable

Hi @bandeiri I’ve PM’d a copy of the script to you together with some basic instructions on how to get it running. Thanks too for confirming that the http://fronius_IP/components/readable API is retuning the same values as the other GEN24s.


Hi @grannos, I too have a Fronius Gen24 inverter and wanted to ask if you could please PM the PHP script and the instructions? Thank you.

Hi @pohotukawa – done.

For anyone who has read through this thread and finds this message take notice that the GEN24’s API seems to be still in between the original version which the script uses and a potentially more useful / simpler API. I hadn’t planned on generally circulating the script as I expected that the minute I did so Fronius would overhaul the API and break it. So far though this hasn’t happened.


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Thank you @grannos. I get where you’re coming from. Putting the script on github might be one way to go to keep it current but that comes with it’s own challenges too.

Hi @pohotukawa. I really was thinking that the script that I wrote was going to become rapidly obsolete; just waiting on the developers at Fronius to do their thing. On that basis I didn’t want to confuse any new owners of the GEN24 by having an ‘obsolete’ script on GitHub. If Fronius removes or disables the existing GEN24 API when the new API becomes available then there will be a few unhappy GEN24 owners… Hopefully though they’ll find this thread.

Once ( if ) the new API is finished then possibly all of the required data can be extracted with a single API call to the inverter. With the GEN24’s ‘sparsely’ populated API ( as compared to the Symo and Primo ) several calls are required to extract all of the necessary fields. This isn’t too much of an issue if the data are being extracted locally but more of a hassle if an inverter is being polled over a slower link. Before I bought my own Raspberry Pi I polled my own Symo inverter from a Linux host located remotely with a VPN connecting the two.