Fronius Primo Gen24 Plus no longer has a push interface

I’m getting my new converter next week and it no longer has a push interface and I have no information as to whether it will ever come back.

Is there a solution or an idea how to get my values back to PVoutput?

Can PVOutput fetch the data because the Json API interface is still available and I could release external access?

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Hi @sulzbacher. If the Fronius API can extract JSON data from the Gen24 Plus [ Is it the same API as the Primo and Symo? ] it’s a fairly straightforward process to forward that data on to PVO.

You will need some sort of computer running 24 x 7 to do this. If you don’t have a suitable computer [ cheap and low power consumption] then a Raspberry Pi is a good ( and popular ) choice.

Do you also have the means of measuring consumption?


Yes, I also have a consumption meter.

24/7 only an old tablet runs on Android 4 for visualization the Generation and Consumption coupled via Modbus TCP.

Hi @sulzbacher

To verify that the existing Fronius Solar API V1 calls are supported by tour Gen24 Plus can you perform the following API queries against your system using a web browser?

Where ‘fronius’ = the I.P. address of your inverter.

First API call provides the API Version

Second API call provides realtime / live PRODUCTION data.

Third API call provides realtime / live IMPORT / EXPORT data.

I do not have access to any Android powered devices so I don’t know if you can run [EDIT]an[/EDIT] arbitrary script on one at a regular interval.

The Gen24 provides additional functionality over and above my Sumo so it may have a more extensive API for reporting the additional detail.


Yes, I can do that as soon as it is installed, but first I have to convert the control cabinet here because the Gen24 has an emergency power function and a few switching devices have to be installed for this.

I think I’ll be ready in 3 weeks because a few components haven’t been delivered yet and we’re going on vacation in between.

As far as I have seen in the Fronius documentation and have read in other forums, these API queries should work.

According to Fronius - Home Assistant

For Gen24 devices (delivered with Firmware >= 1.14.1) make sure to activate the “Solar API” in the inverters web interface.

Something to check post installation. It might save you ‘hours of fun’ otherwise!

I was busy today and nailed everything together.
Query the API here:

APIVersion 1
BaseURL /solar_api/v1/
CompatibilityRange 1.7-4
Unit Wh
Value null
ErrorCode 1240
InverterState Sleeping
StatusCode 13
Unit A
Value 0
Unit A
Value 0
Unit A
Value 0
Unit A
Value null
Unit W
Value 0
Unit VA
Value 0
Unit Wh
Value 2115.536666666667
Unit V
Value 230.01666259765625
Unit V
Value 3.382577419281006
Unit V
Value 2.2445476055145264
Unit V
Value null
Unit Wh
Value null
DataCollection CommonInverterData
DeviceId 1
Scope Device
Code 0
Timestamp 2022-04-07T19:07:52+00:00
Current_AC_Phase_1 2.389
Current_AC_Sum 2.389
Manufacturer Fronius
Model Smart Meter 63A-1
Serial 12345678
Enable 1
EnergyReactive_VArAC_Phase_1_Consumed 14539380
EnergyReactive_VArAC_Phase_1_Produced 56861440
EnergyReactive_VArAC_Sum_Consumed 14539380
EnergyReactive_VArAC_Sum_Produced 56861440
EnergyReal_WAC_Minus_Absolute 8093242
EnergyReal_WAC_Phase_1_Consumed 9799700
EnergyReal_WAC_Phase_1_Produced 8093242
EnergyReal_WAC_Plus_Absolute 9799700
EnergyReal_WAC_Sum_Consumed 9799700
EnergyReal_WAC_Sum_Produced 8093242
Frequency_Phase_Average 49.9
Meter_Location_Current 0
PowerApparent_S_Phase_1 553.05
PowerApparent_S_Sum 553.05
PowerFactor_Phase_1 0.86
PowerFactor_Sum 0.86
PowerReactive_Q_Phase_1 -107.27
PowerReactive_Q_Sum -107.27
PowerReal_P_Phase_1 477.69
PowerReal_P_Sum 477.69
TimeStamp 1649358403
Visible 1
Voltage_AC_Phase_1 231.5
DeviceId 0
Scope Device
Code 0
Timestamp 2022-04-07T19:06:44+00:00

I have modified an existing script ( that I had written ) so that it will extract / calculate values for v1, v2, v3 & v4 from my Fronius inverter. I will run it overnight against my own system to check that it behaves okay.

In order to get “LIVE” daily energy values for CONSUMPTION I have had to dig into GetArchiveData.cgi as GetMeterRealtimeData only returns lifetime values.

A recent firmware change made by Fronius [ Comments posted elsewhere on this forum ] altered the API. Can you please run the following API call and post the segment that looks like the following? The API change alters the METER identifier.

			"**meter:IME - Smart Meter 63A - 123456789**" : 
				"Data" : 
					"EnergyReal_WAC_Minus_Absolute" : 
						"Unit" : "Wh",
						"Values" : 
							"0" : 33878158,
							"10200" : 33878158,
							"10500" : 33878158,


404 Not Found

I think the gen24 doesn’t have an archive like the snapin inverters…
I found something about this in the API documentation

5 Archive Requests
5.1.1 Availability
Platform Since version
Fronius Hybrid 1.1.2-16
Fronius Non Hybrid 3.3.4-5
Fronius GEN24 NEVER

in this doc is a link

2.2 Fronius GEN24
2.2.1 Client Generation using OAS
We provide an OpenAPI interface specification 1 file for GEN24 inverters to support client generation in multiple
Download the file here:

That throws a few flies into the ointment…

Thanks for the link to the update API document. Reading through it I can see that the GEN24 returns ‘null’ to quite a few fields which makes life rather difficult.

I have a Plan ‘B’ however but it will necessitate preserving the state of the previous API call on the device from which the script is run. The ‘DAILY’ cumulative fields which I had hoped to use do not appear to be available on the GEN24. It will be necessary to use the LIFETIME ENERGY values subtracting the previous one from the current one to obtain incremental increases in energy consumption and production.

Hi there,
Was there a fix to this? I have just had a Gen24 inverter installed and am wondering if I go through the task of buying and setting up a RaspberryPi and Solar API, or if I just get myself another Efergy Engage transmitter and accept the +/- 10% accuracy.


Not a fix but there is a solution.

Grannos wrote a PHP script which runs on his raspberry for testing and I run it on my Qnap NAS.

It works fine since a few months.

Hi All,

As @sulzbacher mentioned above I have written a PHP script to extract CONSUMPTION and PRODUCTION data from a Fronius GEN24 inverter using the existing API. The extracted data are then pushed to PVO. His GEN24 also has a Fronius Data Meter to measure IMPORTED and EXPORTED energy.

The GEN24’s API calls are rather unhelpfully not the same as my Symo. One thing that is noticeable different is that the GEN24 only appears capable of returning LIFETIME CONSUMPTION data from the attached Fronius Smart Meter as opposed to daily consumption data. I noticed too that the GEN24 returns unreliable data if it is queried at precise 5 minutely intervals [ e.g. 00:05, 00:10, 00:15 … ]. I added a short delay [ 15 seconds ] at the start of the script to allow the GEN24 to update itself - I am guessing that it performs internal housekeeping every 5 minutes. Less than 15 seconds proved to be unreliable - the GEN24 and my host computers were both synchronised time-wise.

suzbacher has also pointed out to me that there is a new API call that has appeared which could potentially provide the same data with a single API call rather than the three that I am currently making. On that basis I wasn’t planning on publicly posting my PHP script anywhere in the interim.

The new but undocumented API call returns quite different information from suzbacher’s GEN24 and my Symo.

If anyone is looking for a script that uses the existing API and has a GEN24 I am happy to P.M. them a copy.

Many thanks to suzbacher for allowing me to do all of my testing against his GEN24.

For anyone that is interested the new API call is http://fronius/components/readable


Hi Grannos,

I have just had a GEN24 installed as a replacement for a Symo 10 and I am looking for a way to export my data to pvoutput. To make life interesting I still have another Symo 10 running as well as the GEN24 10 so I am wondering how to output both now that they are different formats?

Any advice would be appreciated

Hi @womble99.

For the benefit of any other GEN24 owners I’ve PM’d you the script. I am still waiting to see more details of the new Fronius API in case it offers a slightly neater solution more self contained solution.

I see that Fronius have been doing a few odd things with firmware lately. They appear to have pulled a version of the Datamanager firmware. I have 3.24.2-1 installed but the most available option is now ‘3.23.6-1’.


Thanks @grannos for the script, I will see how I go.
My Symo datamanager is on 3.23.6-1 but the GEN24 is on 1.22.2-1. This is going to be interesting to see how it works with 2 different datamanagers.

So far Fronius haven’t even got solarweb to work correctly for me yet so fingers crossed.

Hi @womble99. Just to be clear, the script is for the GEN24 only. The Symo API is quite different. I use the inbuilt PUSH option within my Symo to upload v1 … v4 & v6.

No worries @grannos I have still got my symo running its existing push service to pvoutput which works fine. However with it running I am so far not getting anything from the GEN24 script?

Mind you I haven’t had more than enough time to just set it up and run it on my NUC last night.

Everything is working in solarweb now so I can see both inverters and the battery from the smart meter, would be nice to get a feed from there.

Oh, I tried to have a look at the API calls that you had linked (I am guessing they are for the GEN24) but it doesn’t seem to work?

Have you created and used a separate SYSTEM_ID for the GEN24 inverter? If you have two data sources ( inverters ) uploading data with the same SYSTEM_ID they will overwrite each other.

If you manually invoke the PVO API calls at the command line, which are created within the script, your should see either an OK message or an ERROR returned by PVO.

Hello @grannos. I am in a similar situation to @womble99. I have a raspberry pi to pull outputs from a Symo inverter and post to PVO. I have just installed an additional array with a Gen24 and would like to use the pi to do the same. May I have a copy of your script?