Fronius - Logdata Push Failure



A couple of hours ago I noticed that my “SolarAPI v1 - Logdata - Data” PUSH is failing. The other two API pushes are behaving correctly. I restarted my inverter - it’s a cloudy day here. I also deleted and recreated the Push Service in my Fronius inverter. Neither of these things made any difference. The Push Service now shows that it is in a ‘Not tested’ state.

Is anyone else, who is pushing Fronius Logdata seeing a similar problem or is it just me?

My inverter seems happy enough. No Errors or Warning.



At some stage in recent times the log push began failing and likely requires having PVO donation status to operate.


Hi. Thanks wattmatters. When I checked this morning it was behaving normally again. Just one of this things I guess.


Mine’s been in “Connection not possible” state for weeks.


According to the information at

The Fronius Log Data Push is indeed only available in Donation mode.