Favourites Table Oddities

New user here - great resource, thanks for your effort devs.

My ‘favourites’ area is experiencing some oddities;

If I add my own system as a favourite, it’s the only one that shows (with 00.00 distance) - until I click on the ‘Name’ header to show the rest, despite 2 of them only being < 20km away.

If I don’t have my system as a favourite, I’m left with nothing by default, apart from a blue informational bar telling me that all systems are more than 1000km away.

Have I missed entering my location correctly somehow?

This link may explain some of what you are experiencing.


Thanks @lennybig - similar, but in this case the distances do show correctly, once I’ve clicked on the name banner. This is how it is when I enter:

And this when I click on the ‘name’ header:

Notice the distances seem to be right - and well under 1000km…

Any ideas?

Sorry :frowning_face: that’s all I had. Will have to wait for the expert @bankstownbloke to weigh in…

I’m a long ways away from NZ (California, US), but I did look on the map and found the 2 systems you referenced. Since Sunny HB is 11km away, and Napier Solar is 14km away, that looks to put you somewhere near Hastings, but I don’t see any systems there. I assume your system is set to private?

No worries, thanks for the suggestions! Weird - not intentionally private? I have consumption data set to private, but generation is public - is there another setting for the whole ‘output’ entity that I’ve missed?

I’m about here:

The location origin system ‘Hastings Rural PV’ may have not had a location set which would cause the origin to default to Australia.

Although the second screenshot looks like it was made after the location was set.

Please confirm the default sorted by distance now shows less than 15km

Hi, thanks for the response. I can confirm I’ve set the location on my install, and I’ve favourited myself and that shows. Default, sorted by distance shows only my system (as 0.00km), sorting by name shows the below. I do note that my system (located in the middle of Hastings) doesn’t show on the map as a blue pin which is odd?

Can you check that this is now showing correctly by distance?


It is! What had I done wrong please?

It was a bug in setting the system location longitude, if you zoomed out on the world far enough there would be multiple New Zealand locations. Pinning on the far left/right would result in an ‘incorrect’ location that was technically very far from the central world location which were all the other systems were located.

Thanks for reporting this.

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