Favourite is not work as expected


I recently tried to add friend´s system to my Favourite in order to quick access and compare to it. If I am at his system page I click favourite link and receive a message pop up “Successfully added system to your favourites” however, system does not show on my Favourites page. If I go back to his system page and click favourite again I receive the pop up “This system is already in your favourites”. I tried to click “favourite” link and wait some hours to see if some background job on the server would catchup but no.

Also, I have an annoying “ghost” system on my favourite page, the system only show on map, somewhere near Veneza, Italy but does not show in the list below map. If I click it on my, the only information is the number “31033” what I guess is its systemId. My guess is that I favourite that system and it was deleted later and stays as a ghost in my map. Can we do something about it?


When the system is over 1000km away from your own system it will not show in the favourite table list by default, which is sorted by distance.

Click on the name column to sort by system name and it will show all systems in your favourites regardless of distance.

Nice, this solved my issue:

  1. I could remove the “ghost” system
  2. My friend did not set its location correctly, even his home being less than 20Km away from mine, from pvoutput standpoint it does not show on map.