Extending Fronius Push Service (LogData)

Looking to see if we can extend the ‘Fronius Push to PVOutput (LogData)’ service.This would enable easier reporting of multiple strings/arrays via PVOutput.

It appears currently you can receive some extended data using (for example):

Can we include any of the below?

From the Fronius API documentation it looks like we already other fields from the same location (Log Data Archive Requests) -

  • EnergyReal_WAC_Sum_Produced
  • Current_AC_Phase_1
  • Voltage_AC_Phase_1

Hi,yes some of this would be very nice to have,i have tried to get the voltage to work on the live screen , as 5 min data and as log data every hour, yet have been unable to get ether to show up even when Fronius post says successful 1 min age Jim
slight update, the hour push seems to have removed the average power line from the live chart,although it still still shows in the data box

Hi Jim,

Are you trying to get one of the DC_STRING voltage[s] to appear or AC voltage?

Hi, just the AC voltage all on the live page as it already has a voltage setting on it, thought if i could get the power-core temperature on the live page as well i would be happy to move or loose the air temp as well i would be very happy as i have 6.625 kW of maxim jinko,s on a 5 kW inverter so during the summer i see 5,043 watts for about 5 hrs per day and have installed an external fan on the front of the inverter to help cool it as the front cover gets too Hot to keep my hand on, thanks Jim

It is certainly possible and will be looked into, but it would overwrite any values already sent as part of the 5-min meter push.

The following seem to be present in most hourly log pushes -

  • Current_DC_String_1
  • Current_DC_String_2
  • Voltage_DC_String_1
  • Voltage_DC_String_2

thanks for the quick reply BB, i have just the inverter ,NO smart meter, am am looking just to use the Fronius push service as thats all i have,the inverter is wired to my modem for a Internet connection. i am after the AC voltage on the live page of PV. org and if possible the inverter temp instead of the weather temp thanks Jim

Unfortunately it seems AC voltage is only available on the meter 5-minute push. Hourly inverter push has DC voltage.

Excellent - thanks for looking into it!

There may be other values available or better methods - ultimately I am keen to see Power by string/array (MPP1 and MMP2). Could be 5 minutely (ideally) or hourly. Screenshot from Solar Web attached and unsure how it is being surfaced into the web app.

I am assuming “Power MMP1” = “Current_DC_String_1” x “Voltage_DC_String_1”.


Re AC - the following are listed in the Fronius API documentation within the same LogData (hourly) API:
Voltage_AC_Phase_1 1V
Voltage_AC_Phase_2 1V
Voltage_AC_Phase_3 1V
Current_AC_Phase_1 1A
Current_AC_Phase_2 1A
Current_AC_Phase_3 1A
PowerReal_PAC_Sum 1W

I had a quick look at the GetMeterRealtimeData module I can see similar fields so maybe they are available within the 5 minute push as well?


The following URL returns a variety of values including UAC [ AC Voltage ]. I have a three phase inverter but ‘CommonInverterData’ is supposed to work for all Fronius inverters. At least according to the Fronius API documentation.


NB - You may need to substitute ‘fronius’ for the IP address of your inverter…

“UAC” : {
“Unit” : “V”,
“Value” : 238.90000000000001

Correct me if I’m wrong, the challenge remains in enabling this form the Fronius Push Service menu and the output being consumed meaningfully by the PVOutput API?

That would be correct. The data pushed from the inverter would need to be parsed and interpreted by PVO’s back-end - in the absence of some other process within the inverter owner’s control.

In answer though to #jimdcollie it should be possible to obtain the voltage without the installation of a Fonius SmartMeter, or similar.

grannos, that would be great to have volts on the live screen as here there is a big volts swing during the day often 230 to 260 v and knowing what it was at any time would help me to work out when my inverter is output limiting which would help with the timing of when the electric hot water heater 1200 watt element should be on to reduce the grid voltage as my house is last on the end of a very long peace of wire Jim

I did some testing, extracting the voltage using PHP from the URL above. Once the inverter stops inverting it appears that the value is no longer available. The Fronius DeviceStatus changed to ‘3’. It was just fortunate that I was testing the script as the sun vanished over the horizon. :slight_smile:

If you didn’t care about recording the voltage overnight not a problem but if you’d like 24 x 7 voltage it is. I will have a bit more of a dig through the Fronius API for other sources of voltage.

Voltage 237
Voltage 237.7
Voltage 238.4
Voltage 237.8
Voltage 237.4
Voltage 236.4

thank you for your work on this,voltage when the inverter is live would be fine and very useful,i am a total dud when it comes to code stuff like what is PHP ,thanks Jim

Extended parameters can now be used in the hourly Log Push.

The standard ones are -

  • Current_DC_String_1
  • Current_DC_String_2
  • EnergyReal_WAC_Sum_Produced
  • Voltage_DC_String_1
  • Voltage_DC_String_2
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Amazing! Great work. I will test this out tomorrow.

Current DC String is working however Voltage DC String returns no value.

I am using this setting:

Which DC Voltage is returning NIL?

  • Voltage_DC_String_1
  • Voltage_DC_String_2

1, 2 or both?

Both 1 and 2.

I just appended &v11=Voltage_DC_String_1&v12=Voltage_DC_String_2 to my Logdata push. The data [ the DC voltages ] now appear in my Extended Data.

Did you enable the Extended Data parameters for your system?