Enphase Generation and Consumption 24hr delay


Hi fellow PVOutputters.

I was impacted by this. It looks like this has now been resolved (For me at least as I am getting live feeds back in Enlighten now), but I am missing data from 10-Nov to 16-Nov in PV Output. (During the Outage the PVOutput API integration wasn’t working)

Does anyone know how to configure PVOutput to request a longer data pull back through the API. (It looks like it requests ~24 hours during updates through the API, but I need about 10 days of data to populate the PVOutput history)

Or alternatively is there a a way I can manually add summary data for dates 11-Nov through to 16-Nov.?


Just login to https://pvoutput.org, and choose “Add Output” (top left) to manually add each consecutive date separately.


FWIW, I haven’t had the problem with the delay but I did have a problem with my Enphase Gateway where it stopped reporting one day last week (sorry I don’t remember the day). I rebooted it and all was fine.
(I have a Tesla HPWC for my car and sometimes when this is charging, it wipes out communication with the inverters. Not a problem when I charge at night but can happen during the day.)


I lost data again. Since yesterday I didn’t receive anything.
Will sent an e-mail to Enphase again.


Experiencing the same problem.
24-11-2018 got on hold on 19:45
25-11-2018 everything seems normal
26-11-2018 got on hold on 20:10


Today again I didn’t receive any data from Enphase.