Enphase consumption data has stopped graphing

My Enphase consumption data stopped graphing at 4:15pm Thursday 20th Oct Tasmania time. Production is graphing fine but I have no consumption. It’s all working fine in Enlighten so isn’t a local problem. Is this an issue with PVOutput?


I have the same issue with my system, starting from the same time. It’s a PVOutput issue.

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Enlighten/enphase has 24 hours of scheduled maintenance at the moment which started about the same time - have the same issue

“Enlighten will undergo scheduled maintenance between October 20, 3:00 PM AEST to October 21, 3:00 PM AEST. This will have no impact on your energy production. No data loss is expected though you may experience slowness with the application during this time period.”

Will the data back date to yesterday (AEDT) once sorted?

anyone got theirs working again after the maintenance window; still down here
Skyline Drive 33.600kW (pvoutput.org)
Aka, no consumption data

Nope, still busted for me.

Same here. I wonder if Enphase have changed something in the API or their systems or if something needs to be re-initialised either by PVOutPut or us users in the settings window?

Same problem here and still not working as at 19:15 21 Oct

Same problem here as well. No consumption data with Enphase. BrambleB 22.000kW

I can’t find any way to contact the maintainers of PVOutput to let them know about this. Unless they happen to see this forum thread it looks like there will be no more Enphase reporting.

My system’s last reported consumption was at 1630 on 20th October. Yes, my annual donation is still current, albeit for another week.


Adding you to this thread, looks like all using the enphase api are no longer receiving consumption data but are getting production data. Has happened since enphase changes a couple of days ago.

Are you able to look at this ?

Thanks. Darryl

Removing API permissions for PVOutput and then re-authorising unfortunately has not made a difference. No errors were given by Enphase during the process either.

Doesn’t seem to be a permissions thing as I’m getting production data fine, just no consumption data. Historical stats are meaningless now as they are skewed by what PVOutput thinks is three days of zero consumption.

Hopefully a fix will be retrospective as we all stopped seeing consumption data at the same time (taking into account timezones)

Have also tried re-adding the integration - no luck either.

Looking at using nodered/homeassistant to upload data instead (already uploading temperature and voltage)

I confirm not having any consumption readings since october 20th. M

If anyone here knows how to contact the PVOutput maintainers please speak up. I’ve tried but can’t find any method to reach out to them.

Apparently this isn’t going to get fixed anytime soon. @bankstownbloke hasn’t been active since 10/10… :cry:

Same problem in France…

Same issue here since the 20th at 3:30 pm QLD time. Hope there will be a fix, as others have mentioned Enphase Enlighten and Enphase Manager are still showing all the data.