Enphase Auto Uploader - New API v4 Testing

As per this update, Enphase is upgrading to a new API (from v2 to v4).

A new PVOutput Auto Uploader needs to be developed to support this before the existing API is decommissioned on August 16, 2022

We need a volunteer that is currently using the PVOutput Enphase Auto Uploader for both generation and consumption for testing.

What is involved in testing? -

  • Authorizing PVOutput to access to system details for v4, similar to v2 (following a link)
  • Permission to use your existing Enphase details for testing against v4.
  • There will be no impact to your existing live Enphase v2 feed to PVOutput.

First to post a reply here will be contacted via email for further instructions.

I’d be happy to help! So would it be collecting through both the v2 and v4 APIs for the time being, to compare against one another?

Also, does this require that my Enphase Envoy be running firmware v7? I’m still on v5.

Thanks so much!

The tests would just be making manual requests to v4 with your permission and authorisation.

The results would be compared manually before allowing everyone to switch over.

The firmware shouldn’t matter, the new API is for extracting data once its been sent from your envoys to Enphase servers.

@bankstownbloke if you need anyone else, I’m willing to help. I have both generation and consumption with my Enphase IQ Envoy, software version 5.0.62.

@bankstownbloke I am willing to help if you need anyone else. I have 2 systems (1 with generation only, and another that I am trying to add to PVOutput which has both generation and consumption)

Testing is near completion, just a few edge cases to iron out and we should be ready soon.

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The Enphase v4 Auto Uploader is now ready.

  1. Select the Enphase v4
  2. Enter the User Id as per v2 and click on Authorize


  1. A new window will open prompting to login into Enphase, and click on Allow Access

  1. Upon allowing access, the location will redirect back to PVOutput showing a success message.

  2. Close the window and Save the PVOutput system to activate Auto Upload with Enphase v4.


  1. The Both direction is now supported with Enphase v4.

A config saved with an Enphase v4 primary and secondary on the opposite direction will be automatically consolidated into a single primary device using “Both”.


  1. Changes to the Enphase authorization model mean that it is only possible to have one authorization per PVOutput account.

If an Enphase account is already authorized against one PVOutput account, it cannot be used with another PVOutput account until the access is revoked on the original account.

While this won’t affect most people, it is something to take into account when transferring accounts or using multiple Enphase systems (under the same Enphase account / authorization) against multiple PVOutput accounts.

Multiple Enphase sites across multiple PVOutput systems under the same account is still supported.

In short, there is a one to one relationship between the Enphase account and PVOutput account.


Well, I just changed my settings to Enphase v4, Both, 15 minutes. Then I authorized my user ID and saved the settings page, so we’ll see how this goes!

Again, I can’t thank you enough for what you contribute to the solar community! Let’s hope we don’t have to do something like this again anytime soon…

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No problems, thanks for contributing to the testing process :slight_smile:

Great that Enphase systems can continue logging to PVOutput.
However as an installer I’ve been setting up the logging for customers - not everyone can follow instructions.
I can’t set up V4 for customers - you need to be logged in as the system owner, the system installer can’t do it.
V2 doesn’t work for new systems unfortunately.

Sent Enphase API team feedback about this - suggested they allow installers to authorise access on behalf of the home owner.

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And ?
How are the results after a couple of weeks ?

I’ve updated v2 to v4 and everything has been working fine for the past 2 days.

Everything has been working great, as far as I can tell. Seamless transition. Using the “both” direction now, instead of separate primary and secondary devices.

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I updated to v4 a few days ago, and my readings have been all over the place. For example yesterday (June 9th) on Enlighten it says I did the following.

Imported: 12.5
Exported: 4.5
Produced: 18.7
Consumed: 26.7

And on PVOutput it says:

Imported: 3.769
Exported: 13.481
Generated: 18.563
Consumed: 8.851

As you can see, there is a big difference between the 2. Only the Produced/Generated values are the same.

Mind you, there has always been a slight variance of a few hundred W with my system, so not sure if that is normal, or something else.

Are you using the Both setting, or separate primary and secondary?

I’m using the Both setting, and can confirm that the secondary device is set to none.

I’ve just had a look at today’s value so far. They are again way off, except for Generated.

Huh, that is weird. My G, C, I, and E all almost perfectly match between PVO and Enphase, within 1-2%, over the last week.
I wish I could help you more but I’m at a loss. Going to have to see what @bankstownbloke thinks about this.

Yeah, if it’s working fine for others, then yeah, something is up with mine.

I’ve just logged into Enlighten and removed all access for PVOutput in the API Settings. There were 2 entries. Not sure if that could be causing an issue, so just removed both and re-authorised. I’ll see how that goes over the weekend and see if there are still any issues.