Energy Consumption Meter


Hello, I have gone Solar recently. I have SolarEdge SE5000US-H inverter, which does not have a display screen. Looks like setup is made through an App call SetApp. I realized that Installer didn’t Install a consumption meter. I looked into youtube videos to do a self install. Looks like WattNode meter ( WNC-3Y-208-MB) is available on ebay for cheap. I am comfortable with the physical connections and wiring , however , As the inverter does not have a physical screen and Menu, not sure how to perform the configuration/Setup for wattnode in the Inverter. Looks like my consumer account is not allowed to logon to SetApp. Did anyone go through DIY install on non-screen Solar Edge models. Any ideas on how to configure Non-Screen models without Installer account. Thank you,


Try this thread for help. SolarEdge with MODBUS Meter