SolarEdge with MODBUS Meter


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Sorry if this is a duplicate question–I’ve done some searches but the answers don’t seem to exactly cover my situation.

I’ve got a SolarEdge HD-Wave inverter with a SE-branded MODBUS meter attached at the grid connection point (such that the meter is technically measuring import+export and the inverter takes the data stream and uses it along with the inverter’s production measurements to calculate consumption).

It looks like if I set up just the SE Inverter as a primary device (with no secondary device), set direction to solar, and enable 15-power readings, I get very accurate generation power data, and it manages also to import the import/export and/or consumption data, but the import/export/consumption data is always off.

I’ve also tried various permutations involving the SE Inverter as a secondary device as well.

Is there a known-correct way to configure this setup to get accurate data both on the generation side and on the import/export/consumption side?



Only gross consumption is supported with SolarEdge at the moment.

The Solaredge API documentation states ‘FEEDIN’ (export) and ‘PURCHASED’ (import) meter types are available, however only PURCHASED is working with your system. We would need both to be available to make Net direction work correctly with Solaredge.


Thanks very much for the reply. In light of that limitation, I set the SE inverter as a secondary device of Consumption type, but the issue is that the consumption numbers I’m getting are always off (by the end of the 24-hour day) from what the inverter is reporting for energy consumption via the SE web portal. My guess is that PVOutput is calculating the energy based on instantaneous power figures, rather than pulling the actual energy consumption number (the way it does when you enable 15-minute energy readings for generation). Is there any workaround to get PVOutput to reflect the device-provided consumption energy data rather than calculating it based on power data?

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Solaredge does not provide energy consumption data, so this is not possible.


I’m not sure this is correct as I can get consumption data via something like

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Consumption is available but power is reported rather than energy.


Both are available via different APIs.
Energy every 15 minutes for energy.
Power is available “instantaneously”.
I have used energy but currently use power every 5 minutes 24x7.
I tried power every minute until they shut me down for a day.
The “limit” is 300 queries per day.
I get PV Production, Household Consumption and Grid from query.
Grid is export if PC Production is > Household Consumption, else Grid is Import.
If they are equal I call it Steady.