Efergy Engage and Aurora Energy simultaneous tariff setup?


Bare with me while I explain this, and thanks in advance.

I have been monitoring my power consumption on PVoutput for a few years now but I want to fine-tune a few things as a 2018 New Year resolution of sorts. You can see my PVOutput profile here On my Profile you can see that I currently have 2 Systems, although these two systems simply represent two meters at the one dwelling.

My question is relating to simultaneous tariff consumption using eFergy Engage as a monitor with Aurora Energy as the provider, and how best to monitor the usage with PVOutput.

The way Aurora Energy bill for energy is based on a simultaneous dual tariff method. What this means is they bill on one tariff for Light & Power and on another tariff for Heating and Hot Water, both tariffs are being measured 24/7 of course. These tariff’s both have different daily supply charges and different kWh charges. The breakdown can be seen here ->Aurora Residential Rates and Charges

I have a clamp and a sensor for EACH tariff so that the data can be separated, because Engage and PVOutput don’t support simultaneous tariffs it seems (correct me if I am wrong please)

So, my question is, by looking at my profile is there a better way of me representing the data provided by the two tariffs?
I can’t for the life of me find a good way of overlaying multiple Output’s and representing them both as an addition to one another (as opposed to differentiating from each other). And ideally I would love to be able to save the layout.

1 - Efergy Engage Hub (Which supports multiple sensors)
2 - Efergy Sensors (1 per tariff/metre)
2 - Efergy Clamps (1 per tariff/metre)

Really appreciative of anyone’s help, and once I find the best way I am always happy to pass the knowledge on.

  1. In the Efergy Auto Uploader config assign the sensor to an Extended Parameter v7 or v8 -

  2. Set the Extended Parameter to calculate Debit

  3. Save

  4. Edit the system tariff and set the rate for Hot Water etc.

The hot water tariff will be added to the main debit consumption tariff.


Thanks a million bankstownbloke :beers:
Following your guide I have managed to configure it properly, I think.
Unfortunately I can only post one image per reply so I have had to stitch each screenshot together, so apologies for the messy post.

  • I applied the second sensors SID to the ‘Extended V7’ value.

  • In the ‘Extended Data’ configuration further down, I labelled ‘v7’ and set it to Axis 1, and set it to be a ‘Debit’ because it is consumption. (I also set ‘Summary’ to ‘Sum’ but I have yet to see where this actually appears or if it appears correctly)
    I also set the ‘Standard Parameter 1’ to show ‘Power Consumption v4’ on ‘Axis 0’ so that the ‘Lighting and Power T31’ details show on the graph as well.

  • Important step before progressing… ‘SAVE’ at the bottom of screen.

  • Now that v7 is added and Saved, when you go to the ‘Edit Tariff’ section, v7 appears in the Rates. Being consumption, I set the cost of Heating and Hot Water to the ‘Devit Rates’ > ‘Extended Data v7’ field.
    Because there is a daily service charge for both Tariffs, I simply added them both together to formulate the total daily ‘Service Charge’ as well.

Here is my example, “Heating&Hot WaterT41” appears as a green line, with the key on the right side axis.

So thanks a heap bankstownblock. If you have any other tips to make this data display in a better way. I’m always super appreciative. For example, I would love for the graphs to be matching in scale. And I’d love to be able to add the v7 data to the chart below the graphs so it separates out the consumption into T31 and T41 columns.



This will add all the live extended data into a summary daily data.

It does not make sense to summerise power W series, this should be changed to W to kWh to provide a daily energy summary.


Thanks again bankstownbloke,
I have changed ‘Summary’ to ‘W to kWH’.
Still a bit confused with what it all means even after reading further into it. But hopefully it’s set right and in time it’ll make sense. Hopefully I have the Axis’ set up right, and I have left the ‘Standard Parameter 1’ as I had it before. I have no idea if it’s correct, but at least data is showing up for me, that is more than I thought I would have.

Kind regards,


Hi samuelleung83, i’m in exactly the same boat as you, same efergy equipment setup wanting to add the second tariff with only consumption data, resulting in accurate graphs and numbers.

-Peak - 26c
-Tariff 33 Controlled Load - 22c
-Combined Daily Service Charge - 103c

I think I’ve got mine setup correctly, but wont know until late in the evenings when the HW kicks in.
Any chance you could show screenshots of your extra tariff graphs so I know what I should be seeing?


If I am monitoring Total house consumption on one Efergy sensor @ 26c
But on the second Efergy sensor I am just monitoring the dedicated reduced rate Hot Water Tariff @ 22c.

Within Tariff setup > Credit Rates >
Should I make the ‘Extended Data V7’ field a credit and not a debit, because 26c-22c = 4c
Thus; Tariff setup > Credit Rates > Extended Data v7: 4


Does PVoutput somehow know to subtract ‘Import Extended Data v7’ from ‘Import Peak’

I’m a bit confused how it calculate$ the number$ and if they’ll be right?
I hope this makes sense.


Consumption data should always be a Debit, and generation is Credit.

Currently the extended data debits/credits are recorded separately from the main consumption credit/debits - there may be an option in the future to add them to the main credit/debits.

It is best to start a new topic to request this new feature.


Hey mate, you’re welcome to look at my PVoutputs at https://pvoutput.org/list.jsp?id=46388&sid=42314
I’m pretty sure it’s set so that anyone can view it. Or is there a particular spot where you can’t gain access to as another user?
I’m not sure if mine is really set up properly either to be honest, but it’s kind of good enough for the moment.


Hey Samuel, yep I think mine is setup as best the site allows it. it’s just the $$$ numbers are off each day, it would be a ‘nice to have’.

Here is mine: https://pvoutput.org/intraday.jsp?id=64246&sid=57425&dt=20180308

I have also created a feature request here: Power Consumption v7 Feature Request?

P.S. I think your temp mon is haywire! :wink:


I see the Devs have responded to your feature request, so here’s hoping they get that across the line.
What makes you mention my temp monitor? I can’t see anything abnormal? Other than being crappy Tassie weather?


Temp mon looks ok now, but on 07/03/18 it went a little off.


Yeah I’m getting my temps from a DIY weather station nearby. It’s probably slightly less ‘official’, but closer to home. If it gets too out of the ord’, I might swap to a different station. :slight_smile: