Power Consumption v7 Feature Request?


I would like to request v7 or v8 debits be able to add to a days main debit total. Plus a second service charge.

My Example: Two tariffs apply to a house, two service charges apply, two sensors are installed.
-Sensor one - Lights & appliances - Tariff 1 (Import Peak)
-Sensor two - Hot water - Tariff 2 (Extended Data v7)

At the moment, Sensor two does not add to the total days debit, thus having an inaccurate debit amount everyday. I can currently graph it without issue, but the $ numbers are off.

If ‘Extended Data v7’ could add to a days debit, it would be 100% accurate… for my scenario anyway.

Thanks for reading.

Efergy Engage and Aurora Energy simultaneous tariff setup?

There will be an option to add the credits/debits calculated from each extended parameter v7-v12 to the main debit/credit in the future.

Regarding the daily service charge, this can be added to daily service charge.


We have decided to keep the tariffs separate, however on the detailed view page it is now possible to show standard cr/dr/balance along with extended data cr/dr

Click on Balance column header to show extended data credits and debits.

Click on Balance again to show combined standard + extended data credits/debits

Finally, click on Balance to return to standard credits/debits only.


BB, thanks for the feature change.