Difference between solarweb and pvoutput values

Hi everyone.

I’m new to pvoutput and just had a fronius inverter and smartmeter installed.

Could someone possibly point me in the right direction?

My system produced 40 kwh today and exported around 29 kwh.
Solarweb is giving me those values. At the same time, pvoutput is telling me that I have only produced 28 kwh.
Looks to me as if pvoutput is taking my exported value and using that as the produced value.

Dies anyone have any ideas?


Hi Tim,

I am also new, and have the same issues with PVOutput and fronius, there is a bug in the latest firmware that causing the Day Energy counter to be wrong, this is the value that PVOutput uses for the total energy, you can add &nodayenergy=1 to your inverter push to tell PVOutput to calculate the total rather than use this figure, at least till fronius fix the bug.

It appears solarweb doesn’t use this field from the inverter, hence its numbers are correct.

Note that the Yearly and Total counters seem to be counting correctly.

I am still having issues with data from my fronius smart meter in PVOutput, if you are using one of those.

More info can be found in this thread. Fronius Push


If the energy value stops increasing at around midday then you have the Fronius firmware bug.