Consumption Data Issues

I’ve recently become a donator and have been exploring the options it opens up.

One I saw commenced immediately was my consumption data (Energy Used) began appearing in my daily PVO.

However while the PV production numbers match my Solarweb / Inverter data, the Consumption data never seems to match.

I’m not sure what I may be doing wrong.

My Fronius push is now set to 5-min, although it was 10-min before today:

My hourly log push is:

Is there something wrong with my settings that would cause consumption data to be out?

This is what I’m seeing:

Date - Solarweb kWh - PVO kWh
16 Mar - 16.91 - 16.393
17 Mar - 20.37 - 19.948
18 Mar - 21.67 - 19.706
19 Mar - 21.62 - 21.132
20 Mar - 31.87 - 31.066
21 Mar - 49.34 - (internet outage)
22 Mar - 37.37 - 36.714

I notice that the time stamps in the PVO energy table each day don’t begin and end at the same time, often ending well before midnight.

On 21 Mar I need to do an upload from a report as we had internet outages most of the day.

Thanks for any clues.

PS: I have since uploaded the 21 Mar missing data using the CSV live loader and the data matches for that.

This problem has be discussed in several threads. Search on “dayenergy” in this users group to find them. They may contain some help for you. Or try this link:

Thanks but it appears I’m following the advice given for how my push string should be set up.

I note on the daily chart the consumption data only updates hourly which suggests consumption data is not extracted from the 5-min push setting and is only updated with the log push.

So yesterday’s PVO data is missing energy consumption data for the final hour of the day.

Any clues on how to fix it?

Hey wattmatters are you doing a SolarAPI v1 - CurrentData - Meter as well? You only mention two pushes in your original post.

I also have a Fronius. The Log push fires off once per hour, the other two run every 5 minutes.


Just two: the inverter data push and log push. Didn’t realise it required a third push statement.

I’ve added that one to the push set up. Have not added any parameters to the 3rd push statement.

That would populate the energy consumption data however it highlights the missing log push data for the final hour of the day.

I have a Fronius Symo [ 3 Phase ] inverter, my three ‘PUSH’ commands are as follows:

I am a ‘Donator’ too. The Log Data often fills missing 5 min ( 0W ) pushes.

SolarAPI v1 - CurrentData - In

Fronius Push to PVOutput/service/r2/froniuspost.jsp?sid=60955&key=KEY=Voltage_AC_Phase_1&auto=1

SolarAPI v1 - Logdata - Data/service/r2/froniuspost.jsp?sid=60955&key=KEY

[EDIT] Also do you have any idea why the there is a background Power value of 2W from your inverter? It seems to be present a lot of the time and at times when 0W would be more likely.[/EDIT]

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Not sure why I’d want to push AC_Phase_1 data?

For some reason the PVO data ends today at 11:10am. No idea why. Inverter is online and functioning normally and I have all my Solarweb data OK.

I don’t know what you mean by background power value of 2W?


Disregard my comments about the 2W. I’ve mistakenly edited the wrong post - I’m an idiot.

I push the Voltage so that I can keep an I on the inverter. I’ve read that some others have had issues where the grid voltage rises too much at certain times.

OK thanks.

The voltage data push looks like it’s just for one of the three phases though. You’d want to track all three phases if grid voltage was an issue.

At some stage a log push must have updated my data for yesterday.

But I note the data goes from 00:05 to 11:55, so it’s clearly missing 5-minutes of data at one end of the day. Looking at my own data it would appear to be the end of the day that is missing but I can’t quite nail it as it’s not matching the energy total at 11:55 either.

This doesn’t affect PV output data as it’s not a daytime issue but consumption data and other calculations that flow on from that are clearly wrong.

Does PVO have a fix for this?
I’m following the PVO help guide instructions and other tips outlined.

Registering data for 23:55 to 24:00 is supported in general via the API but not via Fronius Push at the moment.


Thanks but disappointing to learn. Would be good to have that noted in the PVO help section under limitations of Fronius push to PVO.

OK, so today’s PVO data is just weird.

At 11am PVO reports I’ve consumed 12.2kWh when we’ve consumed nothing like that. The actual consumption up to 11am is 5.55kWh.

The power consumption data seems to be roughly tracking the solar production data and makes no sense.

This is the push setting for Current Data - Meter:


5-min interval

And now it’s corrected itself, presumably after a log push at noon. Weird.

Take a look in Fronius Push

There’s discussion about ‘dayenergy’ usage with respect to differing versions of the Fronius inverter firmware.

My PVO consumption and Solarweb consumption figures match to two decimal places.

if you work out what phase always seems to have higher voltage (phase 1 for me) then you can just monitor that phase

Ugh. I need to match the push statement to a firmware version?

It varies for me.

Any clues as to why my power consumption line seems to parallel my production line at times?

This is not what is actually happening, it’s just what shows up in PVO. Actual power consumption bears no resemblance to this plot.

Looks like the Fronius pushing Net data.

The meter push setting should either have n=1 or auto=1.

Note the dayenergy=1 setting should be on the inverter push not the meter push.