Changed WIFI - have gaps in days

Hi All,

I had set up PV outpush automatic push 3 years ago when I got the solar system installed. Last year in sept I changed my wifi router, and as a result it seems the daily data wasnt being uploaded from fronious to I reconfigured fronious inverter today and connected to wifi, I thought if I give it few hours it will catch up and upload the backlog to pvoutput however it still shows “119 days gap”.

Any way to re-sync the old data? If doing it manually is the only option, I would greatly appreciate instructions for fronious


Hi @vihang

The short answer is ‘no’. The inbuilt automated PUSH option in your Symo / Primo will only update LIVE data and optionally 1 hour’s worth of log data.

However if you care to look at Push Fronius log data from the past into PV Output? - #43 by grannos you will find a script that extracts the data from the inverter ( Primo / Symo ) into a CSV format which you can manually upload to PVO one day at a time.

The forum thread contains a PHP script and instructions for its use. The DataManager card in the Fronius inverter only saves a limited amount of data ( months ) so don’t wait too long before you start. All there are PVO limits for uploading historic data.

Make sure that you use the most recent version of the script - November 2023 post.

You may need to make some minor changes to the script to suit your personal setup.


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