Billing Cycles

How lucky can you be…only quarterly billing. Our billing is monthly and on 21 different schedules. You must find the applicable cycle which is printed on you bill. Impossible to put into PVOutput.


You could a) find your billing cycle. b) select quarterly dates and input those. That would leave you 1 month (the middle) out of 3 not able to check directly. The 1st month would show month-to-date and could be checked and the 3rd would also show month-to-date, but if they change each year again like many, it would mean changes each year.

Fortunately this just managed to fit.


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The SDG&E IT department must love this. (Un)fortunately PVOutput isn’t going to support this.

SDG&E doesn’t explain how the cycle for a given year is determined. It has been Cycle 21 for the last three years but there is a new schedule of cycles due for 2020 probably because it is a leap year but no way of knowing which of the 21 cycles they will be using.
As you suggest the IT must be happily devising new cycles full time. I added up the days for the 2020 schedules and there are a total of 366 except every 4th and 5th cycle has 368 billing days. Really strange…two extra days of billing per year.

just done mine to check. I had a 4 cent debit for my last bill and PVOutput is showing as $60 credit.
not sure where its different will have to look into it a bit more.
Tariffs are correct and i use S0 Pulse metering and direct inverter push for generation so it should be basically spot on.

Oh my, why on Earth would they have such a complicated system?

I’d actually be happy with monthly billing rather than quarterly. Now that the bills are way less due to solar PV, it’s not such an issue. Those old bills of $1.5-2k are a thing of the past fortunately!

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Thank you bankstownbloke for adding the additional two billing cycles.

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Where I live we’re on monthly billing cycles. Any chance of doubling to 12?

The existing monthly view should be sufficient for this purpose.

Yes and no… my months don’t start on the 1st, but a few days later (I believe the 6th). I figured if I can fill out the exact start date in the fields, that it would give me a more correct overview with what I can expect from the utility company.

It this a donor feature? I can see the fields to input the data, but they are not editable on my tariff page. Nor is there the Load link present below it. Other fields on this page are editable.

Yes, its a donation feature.

I’m trying sync up my PVO to utility bill.

Energy provider bills on a 2 month cycle. Tarifs stay the same throughout the year.

Is the only way to do this via PVO to enter in the dates for the 6 annual periods? How does this then get applied historically?

Is there an easier way? Maybe a feature suggestion?

Yes, if there are 6 distinct dates for each year, then they all need to be entered.

The billing period/cycle is just a grouping mechanism that is applied to the same month/day every year, historic or otherwise.

Australia must be one of very few places with quarterly billing. Canada and New Zealand are monthly. Quarterly seems odd. The bills must be huge for most people.
I tried to input my booking dates and son realised it’s not possible with only 6 cycles. I suppose I could pretend it’s every 2 months.

As it happens I really don’t have to do that since in the four years I have had my system I have made no payments to the SDG&E. In fact I have received several hundred dollars from them. They don’t like paying me so they are hard at work lobbying the state utilities commission for rate increases and new fees to take away any advantage I get from my solar. They even want to charge home owners a new fee for the privilege of giving them free power. In addition we get twice yearly payments from the state for pollution abatement.
Thanks for the thought though.

Sorry. I am just dusting this thread off as I noticed that my billing cycle is out of whack again. Our billing cycle is roughly every 60 days.

The current workaround is to enter exact dates into the billing cycle periods.

Is there an option to preload a default series of options based on a specified start date:
x days
x weeks
x months

If I entered ‘04/01/2023’ and hit ‘60 days’, billing cycle preloads with a series of inputs.

And I assume the charts then just continue to follow the pattern (ie you don’t need to re-enter inputs again)?

any chance of a monthly option on the same date every month?

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This isn’t supported, would need to start a new ‘idea’ thread for this enhancement to be considered.