Bill Estimation



I think that it would be very cool if we could enter billing cycle dates in the tariff setup so that - along with daily / weekly / monthly etc views - we could also have a ‘billing cycle’ view.

This would be very useful for not only estimating upcoming bills, but also validating system & tariff configuration etc against past bills.

It would be even cooler (stretch goal:: :grin:) if pvoutput could then estimate next bill based on past data, current season, etc.

What do you think?



Perhaps you could use something like I do.
If you select MORE

from detailed view this will lead you to a link to download data.
If you select the start date of your new billing cycle and periodically use the current date you can have a csv file downloaded to excel.
From there it is just a matter moving data to a spreadsheet and filling in the body of your billers tariffs and methodology to calculate a running total of your likely bill.
From my spreadsheet
The rates for each component are listed separately and are referenced in above

When bill finally arrives it can be compared to these figures


A date range can be entered monthly/yearly/weekly views by clicking on Customise under the graph.

The sum of the balance value is the bill amount for that cycle.

Monthly Data

i have an excel spread sheet from my manual weekly readings that work out my estimated bill but i haven’t got a forecast bill based on past data. i would assume if you wanted that it would be the previous daily supply with the new tariff which would be easy enough by looking at the old bill


Ok, cool thanks! Not as ‘elegant’ (lazy?) as I’d like, but certainly workable! Would be nice to have an estimate of upcoming bill though…


Billing periods will be a supported in the future which would allow this feature to be added.


Oh. And… once I’ve selected a date range in Customise under the graph, how do I select another tariff plan to compare it against?