API enhancement to change Tariff

Hi, Here in the Netherlands (and I think other countries as well) we have energy providers who use spot prices/hour rates as tariff, this changes every hour.
Can we enhance the API off PV output so that I can upload this tariff data every hour in order to reflect right pricing ?

The issue with this is timing, there is no guarantee that a tariff update request is made before a consumption update each hour, unless the ‘spot’ price is known before it starts on the hour.

The other way to do this is send the tariff price with each status update and that tariff would be applied. Internally PVOutput would have to keep track of these rates for the last 24hrs - spot updates would need to be limited to this time window or even shorter.

Would need to consider how scalable this solution is.

Tarring season is also needed. Ex Jun to sep is summer rate other is normal rate

@bankstownbloke , I do understand the questions, I do however don’t think the issue is that big. Tariifs are known up-front indeed (24 hours) and the other option, sending current tariif with each status update would also not be an issue and very possible.
I don’t have any experience with PVoutput on how to get this in progress, is there a wish-list or something ? can you build it ?

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+1 for this request, I would be interested in pushing daily updated hourly energy prices to PVOutput.

Any updates on this one ? Will it be picked-up/build ?
Also in general, does something like “realease notes/changelog” exists for Pvoutput ?