Alexa Skill in developement


Latest weekend I developed an alexa Skill integrated with pvoutput, the skill is already translated in English and Italian, but it’s not ready to be released to public since doesn’t yet handle multiple API keys.

The skill reply to question like

“What is production of today”
“What is production of day”
“What is production of month”

If someone it interested and with autorization from pvouput team can be made available to the public.

The skill make use of a lambda function within my free tier in amazon aws, so if may user get connected, I can erode fast the free 1.000.000/Month lambda calls. Supposing a 100 call/month per user I have 10000 user before I start to pay something.

Awaiting your feedback.

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Happy to help/particpate in any way I can. I have a grid of 26 panels with Enphase inverters, a Rainforest Eagle that tracks consumption, 8 Amazon Echoes, and 4 Google Home devices!

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Hi, glad you’re interested in. PM me with your email (I need the one registered in your echoes) a read only API Key and a system ID the skill is not yet multiuser, I have to create a dynamoDB of usernames and a method for easyly populate it. I can try with you as a beta tester populating the table by hand, for production ready I need to find a way to populate it automatically.

Get in touch by mail.



Skill is in beta stage, if someone want to partecipate I need first the email address. Language supported Italian and English, other language on request with help of translators.

Skill is in public beta available to the public on alexa skill store as “Photovoltaic Data” for US friends and “Dati Fotovoltaico” for Italians.

More languages (en-UK,en-IN,en-CA) came soon, more languages on request but I need translators.


So, I loaded the skill, but can’t figure out how to add my siteid and api. Is this still in development or has anyone successfully added their info?

Hi no it is realeased and final. You have to configure by telling: “alexa ask photovoltaic data to configure”

please use a small apikey readonly to configure the system.

It requires a minimum 5 digit system id, but mine is 4 digit and I cannot use it ;(

hi register adding a zero in front of tour sysid and send it to me by email/pm and I’ll remove it manually the zero, I have to figure out how to handle those 4 dig cases.


Thank you for your prompt response. I tried adding a leading 0 but it still said it needed four digits. As you kindly said you could alter it manually, I made a registration with a leading 1 which was accepted. I’ll take up your offer and PM you my system id although there is no secrecy.

done please check

Working fine now, many thanks your prompt help.

One slight change request please, a language item. Still useable of course.
When data is returned, the power is reported as “kilowattheures” whereas “kilowatthours” is the correct English.

@mava70 Could you please enable it also for German Skill Store? I cannot download it:(( I can also help with translating into Polish/German if you would like to!

yes we can if you help me in the translation I have to provide you the required phrase to be translated I need to have some time on this. stay tuned

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You can write a pm and I will translate it! Great!

this is a greta idea and cant wait for iit to become a thing…if oyou need any addiutional testers im happy to oblige ut Im sure you have loads already

hi the app is in production in uk and other english countries and italy alexa stores, sincerely I don’t have a huge success, I have a request of translation in deutsche but I have to start working on it

@mava70 I said you can send me the files and I will do the translation into German.

Hi, I am having problem with amazon, changed some weird automatic quality control that breaks everitying in submissions of new code (they are so fiscal…) today I lost 2 hours in trying to figure out why they don’t pass automatic testing for a small change of the code but I haven’t find any clue on this. At the moment I cannot do upgrades till I find How to let the new code pass new controls.