Adding extra panels to existing Enphase system

I have recently added some panels to an existing Enphase system. It was 2.5 kW and is now 5.0kW. The old and new panels all report as one system in the Enphase monitoring and there is one feed to PVOutput. What solution would be best for this in PVOutput? I am guessing if a just add the new panels to my existing system my data won’t make sense historically for things like efficiency. Another option might be to terminate my existing PVOutput system and make a new 5kW PVOutput system. At least that way both system make sense on their own. Could i then use parent child to aggregate ? Would it give sensible answers for efficiency when adding a terminated system and a new system together ? Is there a better solution ?

Check out this prudent info:

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Thanks Wingnutter.

The kWh/kW efficiency values are recorded on the current system size and historic records are kept after the system size has changed.

Generally it is cleaner to create a new system for the upgraded size, otherwise if you want to keep your position on the PV Ladder then update the existing system - although there isn’t a record kept of the previous system size, so it may be confusing for someone looking at your system records.

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Thanks @bankstownbloke I continued with one system and added the extra panels. As you say efficiency values do make sense historically. I guess it would be confusing for someone looking at the system but i liked the convenience of having all the history in one place. I added a comment in the remarks field about the extra panels so hoping other users might see that. Thanks again