About updating export energy and import energy in real time

I have a wifi energy meter that can get import energy and export energy in real time. I want to pass this data to pvtoutput. But I can’t find a suitable api to do this.
If I use " addoutput" ,I can update the import energy and export energy for a day, but I can’t update real-time data.
if I use “addstatus” , I can only see Energy Generation and Energy Consumption in the api introduction, and I did not find Import Energy and Export Energy.
If I want to upload import energy and export energy in real time, what should I do?

Hi Jason PVO will only update every 5 min,s anyway ,not real time. Jim

When using Add Status API, the energy import/export is calculated from energy generation (v1) and energy consumption (v3) that is uploaded at each 5-minute interval.

Thanks Jim

thanks for your replying
In my opinion
Energy Generation+ Import Energy= Energy Consumption+ Export Energy.
the live output API(add status) only have Energy Generation and Energy Consumption, how can it calculate the import/export energy?

The energy consumed is BOTH from the grid and from solar. Here is a 24 hour plot of the Production, Consumption and Net for my home in fifteen minute periods.

SolarEdge monitoring gives me the Production which I plot as kWh/15’ interval. The electric company gives me the Net Meter curve. The White curve is the difference between Production and Net Metering. I can get the actual import figure from the portion of the Net curve which is positive and I can get the self consumption of my solar power by subtracting the Import from the total consumption. Then the portion of the Net curve which is negative or my overproduction, is the amount I return to the Grid.

This sounds the same like my wish, there’s no way to add import & export energy seperately, not related to consumption or generation. See Here
Again, any calculation on 5 min data of 2 values will be creating errors. You’d need 3 energy values for accuracy: imported, exported and generation. Within a 5 min interval all 3 can be different and not related to each other. Only then you can accurately calculate self consumption for instance.



Can you use a single call of addstatus, every 5 minutes, to upload the the measured data [ energy ] and derived data in one go? That way you can preserve the IMPORTED and EXPORTED data values in v7…v12 whilst also tracking the GENERATED and CONSUMED quantities in v1 and v3. I realise that this could be an answer to joozzt’s questions as well.

This assumes that you can extract and process the data using a computer ( Raspberry Pi or similar ) onsite before pushing it on to PVO. Or am I missing something?

The five minute intervals ( PVO ) mean that any POWER figures calculated would be a five minute average based upon adjacent energy readings.


I think we met the same problem.
Even if I can get energy generation, energy import and enegy export at the same time, I must also calculate Energy Consumption before using addstatus to upload data.