Upload 3 energy values

So, I have 2 Energy meters with 3 lifetime energy counters :
1, Inverter with lifetime generated energy counter
2. Mains Meter, with Exported and Imported lifetime energy counters.

How do I go about uploading all 3 with the API ?
To my knowledge there’s no way of uploading these without loosing valuable info (when combining exported and imported values), so a way of uploading all 3 would be great.

You can’t do it with two separate upload processes? Perhaps try setting up two separate ‘child’ systems, and uploading one set to each child system, and then aggregating the two in a ‘parent’ system?

Can’t you use https://pvoutput.org/service/ r2 /addstatus.jsp

You can calculate what you generate over a given interval of time [ 5 or 15 minutes ]


Likewise you can calculate what you consume from the GENERATED, IMPORTED and EXPORTED field over the same time period.

Or even more easily using the c1 flag [ Cumulative Energy ] for v1 [ known ] and v3 [ calculated ]. Make sure that the values are in Watt hours not kWh.

If the aim is to just record the data then using Extended Parameters (v7-v12) would be the best option.

The aim is to improve the accuracy of the imported and exported energy of pvoutput and have the possibility to display accurate self consumption as the 3 values allow that.
So it was more of an idea hidden into a question in case i missed something:-)

Yes, that’s what i do now. But then you loose the info from imported and exported seperately. In 5 min you can have exported and imported energy…