ZeverCloud API data not loading


Hi, I noticed that PVOutput stopped processing my ZeverCloud data since March 15th. I use the PVOutput integration with ZeverCloud so there is not much I can check or change myself. ZeverCloud itself appears to be working just fine. Anybody else having the same problem?



Yes, exact same problem here. Data in pvoutput stopped on the 15th. Zevercloud works fine.


Same here, nothing since 10pm on the 15th


That’s good to know, well sort off.
Thought the problem was my end.
Maybe they have changed api keys but who knows, hope to be back online soon.

ps, just sent a message to service dept, will see what comes back


The zevercloud server has been down for a few days now, so it has been disabled from PVOutput Auto Uploader.


Is there any solution to fix this?


zevercloud says nothing is wrong on there side so why is pv output getting no data ?


Same issue here, no data from ZeverCloud to PVoutput while ZeverCloud app is working fine.

Just logged in to Zevercloud.com, I see they also updated the website and released a new app for monitoring. Maybe they moved the API address?


Zevercloud download have been re-enabled and working again.


Yes yes! Up and running!! Nice


anyone know how to get the app key and app secret?. i been trying for ages and not getting any replies

im running a php script that grabs data from the inverter every 5 minutes but it fails about 20 times a day so the graph goes to shit.

and in the mornings it seems to hit 600-800w then levels out for a fair while before going up. i think its getting false data at the start as it cant hit 600w when its producing 200w/h


I asked the seller for the key’s. And the asked them by zeversolar.


zever support told me to in the web page of zevercloud, go to “account management”, top right of page in a drop down menu, then the “security settings” tab and then the key is in that section.

when i first went there it wasn’t there and i emailed back and they must ahve done something and it is not showing up


what email address did you send to?

its not showing in that area for me.


I sent it to service.au@zeversolar.net
It took around 48hrs for reply. Goodluck, it will get there.


I wonder if the zevercloud.cn is the correct one? In my own scripts I use this url: https://www.zevercloud.com/api/v1/

This is the old v1 API but when I change the url into v2 I also get an response:

Thanks for fixing the upload though :slight_smile:


Still haven’t got an email from them!