Your system has been idle for more than 90 minutes

Been getting a few of these “Your system has been idle for more than 90 minutes” messages from PVOutput lately and they are totally random, haven’t had any for the past few weeks and now had two in two days.

When I get the message and I check my Enphase Enlighten app it is still happily logging everything & even on the Live Tab of the app it shows current live generation and consumption info but for some reason PVOutput isn’t updating

PVOutput has always seems to clear up and catch up the data but I’m curious as to why it is happening.

My Enphase is connected by ethernet and I’m on gigabit fibre connection, also never used to happen with my old Fronius system.

Any info appreciated, happy to provide more info if required.

Cheers QuozL

Try disabling the “idle on stale” option next to the Idle Alert setting.

When enabled this option will send out an alert even if Enphase data remains the same, i.e. PVOutput successfully retrieves data from Enphase but nothing has changed after 90 mins.

Thanks will give it a try and report back.