Your Outputs - Summary data - no data

Missing data in my outputs - summary (show monthly summary data) .

The month over month , year over year data graphs starting August 2017 - November 2023 have all gone except for first 3 months of 2022 (corrected from 2023)
Don’t know when exactly this disappeared, but I usually look at this graph once a month. Daily data is there, for now this is the only data (assume all calculated fields) that I find missing.

Perhaps related to recent DB issue. Are you still working recovery ?

Solved it myself. I found you can customize the summary data. Found it was adjusted to show ‘net’. Changing the setting to ‘generation’ resolved my issyue. Still remains a mystery how this setting got adjust to net. Did not even know you could customize and change this setting and I am sure I did not change this by mistake. So bit of a mystery.


Voila !

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